MORE about me ;)

So, I have considered many times closing down this here blog.  For one thing, the name: sensitivesnapdragon?  I hate it.  I picked it back in 2005 when I was still in college.  It was supposed to represent the fact that I am sensitive, snappy, and my name means beautiful flower...  Now, though, it just sounds stupid... and long.

Besides my taste in names, I have changed SO much since the start of this blog - and consequently, so has this blog.

Here is a little history of this here blog (and my life):

I started this blog in 2005 when I was in college, majoring in Electrical Engineering (I loved it in school).   I wrote about being single and the random guys I would date and religion.  (BTW, I couldn't be farther away from those religious beliefs, now. I can't even step inside of a church without having an anxiety attack!)

I honestly never thought I would get married.  Then I did get married and got a job.  I wrote mostly about my job and getting a masters - which I never actually completed.  Turns out, I didn't like engineering.  So, getting a master's in it was not such a good idea.

I decided to teach high school, which I also didn't like.  Partly because my principal was an idiot.  So, I quit.

Then I had Zekey and stayed home full time.  I did some video tutorials, like the Watermelon Earrings.   (If you watched that video and you were wondering - like some other people:  "Why do she gotta have her boobs all out like that?" - just know that I have always been a member of the IBTC and I was pretty excited about my nursing boobs. ;). )

But then, I started feeling kinda useless at home and we definitely could use the money.  So, I started teaching at a *commercial school*.     I actually liked this job - well mostly.  But then I got fired on my last day before I was to stop to have Anaya.  I was pretty bummed because I wanted to go back (part time) after she was old enough.

Then I was offered the same position at another location.  But I am still debating...

THEN I got pretty obsessed with video blogging - and did it for an entire year.  Literally.  365 of making videos  I still make videos - just not nearly as often.  When I was obsessedI joined a network - and signed a contract saying that I will make videos at least twice a month for 2 years - so I still make them.

Now my life is mostly about becoming an artist.  I am trying diligently to create from my heart.  It is the hardest thing I have ever done.

 I will have also written about my kids and if I am in a bad mood, you might find a list of my top annoyances. But, if you are looking for more craft ideas and and you run across a post on Crossing the Street SafelyNose Picking, Bible-Thumping, or Crackheads you will know why. ;)


melindatiffany said...

I enjoyed your story about your self. Crocheting has help me with stress and the need to be doing something. I'm a mother of four well thats not counting my mate. He makes five/lol. No really crochet has made my wait for my new/ used kidney go better. I have been sealing things and that makes me feel for filled in the house. ok thats all I hope we can be sisters in crochet, also you can reach me on facebook melinda cooper thanks

Ayana Red said...

Awww, Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Ayana, you seriously crack me up! I love you, my deary!

Ayana Red said...

Awww!!! <3!