Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Nose Picking is Just Plain Rude.

There are a few rules for nose picking: - just few that some just can’t seem to follow.

Rule #1: Do it in the bathroom with tissue, it is not very sanitary to use your fingers.

Rule #2: If you just have to use your fingers (because the tissue just won’t cut it), pretend like you are using tissue.

Rule #3: DO NOT let anyone see you using your fingers.

Rule #4: DO NOT pick in a public place even if you think that people aren’t looking.

Rule #5: ABSOLUTELY DO NOT do this in class, especially if you sit in the front where you are in constant view of everyone.

Rule #6: PLEASE DO NOT dispose of your findings on your chair or pant leg.

Apparently, one of my classmates is not aware of the rules for nose picking. He picks his nose, EVERY DAY. This is very distracting. First of all, WHO has the need to pick their nose that much? Second of all, I am in a class where my teacher talks veeeery slowly. I am easily distracted by a fly on the wall, (or daydreaming about this new guy I am dating). How can I not look at the nose picker point him out to my friends? How can we not laugh when he rubs it on the class chair? How can I not take a picture with my camera phone (which makes a noise like a camera clicking when I take a picture – which I forgot about – and make ME a class distraction)?

Not following the simple rules for nose picking (in my opinion) is very inconsiderate.


Melvin Jones said...


That's just blatant disregard for nose-picking etiquette.

nicole said...

Ayanna, you are crazy. I browsed over your website, and I read this bugger pickin section and am trippin. I am also impressed by this elaborte thing that you've come up with. This website looks good as hell. Call me!
Your sister, Nicky