31 Video Blogging Tips

This month I am attempting to post in my blog for 31 days straight (after neglecting this here place because of my obsessive vlogging).  Because of said obsession, I have learned to be make better videos.

When I first started making videos, I felt kind of lost.  What made a video good and interesting?  How do people edit?  What should I talk about?  What is proper YouTube etiquette?  I could not find suitable answers for these questions, so I plan to answer them and more this month for anyone hoping to make videos!

Thanks for stopping by!

1.) How I got started.
2.) Editing Tips
3.) Making your content interesting
4.) What NOT to share on YouTube.


Jendi said...

I totally agree that video blogging is addictive! My blog readers enjoy my videos so thanks to embed codes I haven't deserted my regular blog. But if I couldn't embed videos my blog would definitely be left behind. :)

I started like you - just picked up the camera and made a video. Then I learned as I went along. I ended up starting a whole website for vlogging tips. Happy Vlogging!

Ayana Red said...

Thank you Jendi! What is your blog name? I want to see how you incorporate your videos to your blog.

Elizabeth McLemore said...

I am getting more and more excited to vlog. What do you edit your videos with? How did you make the intro you have to your videos where you show your kids and are talking in the background? Man, SO MUCH to learn!