Monday, October 01, 2012

How I got started making videos.

I never imagined I would ever be a Youtuber.  I didn't even WATCH youtube until I started making vlogs.

One of my first YouTube videos was on how to crochet Watermelon Earrings. <- that is a link to the video, btw.

I was SUPER nervous, but it became THE most popular video I have ever made!  20k+views! People love tutorials!

Since did not watch videos all that much, I had no idea that the camera should be facing my work instead of facing me holding up my work!  #fail.

What I did, though, was read blogs.  And some of my blogger friends would sometimes do a vlog.  I LOVED it.  I loved seeing their facial expressions, hearing their voice - it made me feel like I knew them.  

So one day, I decided to do one.  It was pretty bad...  But at the time, I thought it was awesome.  So, the next day, I did another one.  It was just as bad (if not worse), but I was totally feeling myself.  I was like, hey, I am a natural.  Ha!  

Anyway, as you can see, I never stopped.  Everysingleday.  I kept making videos.  And they got much better! 

Here is one that I posted yesterday:

 I know they are not perfect.  But I am always learning ways to make them better.  Tomorrow, I will tell you some tips I have learned to make better videos by editing them ;).


Adriann said...

You're good! I'm too shy to get in front of the camera.

Ayana Red said...

I was super shy at first, too! The more you do it, the easier it gets! Sometimes, I still feel awkward!