Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Five Tips on how to make sure your video content is interesting.

The most common complaint I hear from wanna-be-vloggers is:  "I don't have anything interesting to say".

This is not true.  The real question is: What is REALLY on your mind? And do you WANT to share it?   (Wait that is two questions - whatever)  Everyone has SOMETHING to say.  It may not be interesting to everyone, all the time.  But nothing is going to be interesting to everyone, all the time.

However, there are some ways to make your content as interesting as possible, though.  Here are some tips that I use.

1.) Talk about what you REALLY want to talk about - not what you *think* people want to hear.

2.) Edit your videos. <--- that is a link.

3.) Be excited about what you are talking about. This helps if you are doing #1.  Also, if you drink coffee. ;)

4.) Include some video/pictures of what you are talking about - show clips of it while you are talking.  This breaks up the video and make it seem to go by more quickly. It is extremely hard to watch someone um and ah while sitting on a couch with NO visual of what they are talking about.... Here is one of my most embarrassing vlogs, where I did just that.  Ugh!

5.) Keep them short.  Okay this is not a hard and fast rule, because some people that I watch, I am actually kinda bummed when the video is over.  But for the most part, most people cannot expect their 15 minute long vlog - with no visual to be interesting.  Especially if you are just starting out!

I hope these tips help!  Tomorrow, I will talk about what NOT to share on YouTube.

And here is my vlog from yesterday:

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