Monday, June 13, 2005

I Got Hit.

Did I tell you I was working for my dream company? Oh, that's right I did. I love it here even more since I started. Granted the people here are not quite as friendly as the place where I used to work - where we had ample time to develop long-lasting friendships - but with the average work load given, we really don't have a lot of time to socialize. I am certainly not complaining.

I am actually doing real engineering work. Needless to say, I had a wonderful week last week. Oh...Except for getting hit by a car.

The crosswalk sign said don't go. But I was running (actually the bus was running) a little late. So, to make up the time, I decided to cross the street, anyway. Bad decision.

I saw a truck coming; we made eye contact and he was going really slow - I thought that meant go ahead. But as I was crossing the street, the truck did not slow to a complete stop. Instead of standing in the middle of the street (I didn't want to look stupid) I decided to go ahead and run past the truck since I knew I could make it past the truck - but not the car that was along side it.

BOOM! I am knocked across the intersection - by a car! I am hit by a car. I can't believe it. So, I am sitting in the middle of the road - with EVERYONE staring at me. Talk about emarrassment. I can't speak, I can't move. I am in shock. People are around me asking if I am okay - I tell them that I am - that I can walk (even though I am still sitting there like a lame). They tell me not to move. I can tell who the driver was because he is the most concerned. I tell him - not to worry. It wasn't his fault. I didn't see him - so of course he didn't see me. I also tell him that I am fine.

I find my scraped up phone and call my mom. I tell her that I have been hit by a car. She thinks that she doesn't understand me - and asks me what I am talking about. I tell her again and she starts yelling and asking me if I am okay.

Then I realize that not only am I able to get up, I refuse to be sitting in the middle of the road, holding up traffic. I also realize that I am going to be even LATER for work.

So I grab my ruined lunch and sit on the side of the road and tell my mom what happened till the cops come. I see the driver talking to the cop so I decide to get up and tell my side. I tell the cops that it is entirely my fault. I should have followed the 'Do Not Walk' sign. I was making sure the guy doesn't get in any trouble.

The ambulance also comes and tries to take me to the hospital. To much of my family's dismay, I refuse to go. I am fine - even though the force from the collision put a dent on the man's hood- I have only one little scrap on my elbow - and it's not even deep. They check me out and make me sign a form 'refusing treatment'. I am not going to pay 600+ for a ride to the hospital. Think of how late I would be then.

So after they put a bandaid on the scrape and I get a business card from the cop, I go to work. I am 45 minutes later than I wanted to be.

Oh, well - no more crossing the street with out the signal for me!


Melvin said...

Wow, I'm glad you're okay. Your account of the incident was *hilarious*, gurl. Both of us involved in an accident on the same day? Eerie :)

Anonymous said...

Ayana, hit by a car? that's crazy. I'm so glad that you're ok; are you ok? Well anyway, tell us more about this job of yours. Don't tell us where you work...just tell us what you 're doing.