Friday, August 19, 2011

I got FIRED!

So remember when I was paranoid about my job before, well - it turns out I WASN'T so paranoid.

Let me tell you how it works here. We meet once a week for 10 weeks for about 4.5 hours. On the 11th week - finals are given. There is not a specific time period that the students have to be in the class during finals. They just come in, take their finals and leave.

Well, to *help* my boss - I allowed my students to take their final exams during week 10 - I still held them in there for the 4.5 hours - but for about 45 min of that, they were taking finals. That way, I would be able to grade the finals and finish up my paper work before I am out. As a Chair, he has a bunch on his shoulders already. I didn't want to add my paper work to him as well. Well, this is in violation of "compliance".

And I am getting fired for it.

Not by him of course. By HIS boss. The female who is friends with the other female - who I KNOW (well, I am pretty sure) has a problem with me.

And to be completely honest, I wasn't in love with this job... I mean I really liked working with my students, but I felt a moral conflict working for a place that I personally think is ripping people off. Creating an illusion for profit. Also, I hate office politics. But I was thinking that maybe it is my pregnancy that is making me create office politics in my head. I do that, you know.

But now I am thinking that I was not making it up in my head. I mean really, does that sound like a firing offense to you?

It doesn't sound like one to me...

Now, I am *officialy* fired. As in - if I get asked on a job application "Have you ever been terminated?" I have to say yes.

That sucks.

UPDATE: Okay, Okay - I was being a little dramatic. I didn't technically get *fired* - so I don't have to put that on my applications... I (am getting) a separation notice - which is the same thing I would have gotten if I had quit - which I was planning to do because duh I am not working with a 2 week old! BUT I was planning on maybe going back after my baby is older - which now, I am not able to do.


Libby said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. All this red tape. tsk tsk

Rose's Daughter said...

That sucks! I remember when I got "laid off" in the 30th week of my pregnancy. Yeah. I don't think they wanted to pay my benefits. I hated office politics! But anyway, hope everything works out!

Carla said...

Sorry to hear about this incident. I hope everything works out for you. Perhaps this was actually a blessing in disguise -- things can only get better. :)

Rochelle said...

death to office politics.

joya said...

AH! I haven't been keeping up! I so sorry. I know you wanted to leave, but its always better to get to do it on your own terms. Thats a sucky reason to "seperate" you...They suck.