Wednesday, June 29, 2011

E called me a quitter today.

And it hurt my feelings.

But, it is true.

Actually the conversation went like this:

Me: I think I am going to quit soon.
E: I know.
Me: How do you know?
E: Because, that is what you do - you stop doing things that are not that important that you don't like doing.

Which is totally true. It is not important that I keep my job. Well, it would help our finances out a lot - but honestly, my income is less than a quarter of what he brings in.

And for the past few days - I especially did not like it..

I told you that where I work - it is profit centered and not learning centered. The director of the school sent out this email the other day:

I just want to thank everyone for their team spirit in achieving our objectives and goals for the June Start. We achieved our Market Plan for the first time in 12 months, and it is because of the exceptional efforts of the entire Atlanta Team. xxxx, xxxx and the Marketing Team came together like a team with a mission. The chemistry was contagious and refreshing and it made a difference. xxxx, xxxx and the Academic Team did a great job in bringing back students, and ensuring that our faculty are the best available to help students achieve their Academic dreams. xxxx thank you for your great administrative support. xxxx, and the Financial Aid team exceeded all expectations with conducts and packaging, great job! Our new Registrar, xxxx did a great with providing students with exceptional customer service along with the record coordinators. xxxx, and the Career Services Team did an awesome job in making sure students were prepared for graduation and hosting a “Mixer” for their enjoyment. Last but not least, a special thank you to xxxx for leading the administrative support staff in coordinating our graduation ceremonies, birthday events, special treats and daily administrative support. Everyone pls know, that I appreciate all that you do every day. Thank you!

Don't you think that it is ridiculous that most of her praise is mainly for bringing in students and not creating an environment conducive to learning????

So that is just one thing that gets on my nerves. Another, is just the office politics that everybody has to deal with that works outside the home.

Let me give you a little background on my *classroom personality*. I am pretty laid back and open. Sometimes, students cross the line and try to play me - but I just snap really quick and they realize where the line is drawn. And they chill out. Because of my laid back personality, my students feel extremely comfortable with me (sometimes a little too comfortable - but I am getting ahead of myself). They tell me everything. They tell me about their other classes, their personal lives - including relationships. They tell me about the student gossip going around in the school. EVERYTHING. And it is not like they are just loose-lipped b/c they make me promise not to tell and they quickly shut it up when other people enter my classroom.

Well, today, one of my students was feeling extra comfortable. And he informed me that he learned that 93% of marriages fail because the wives don't want to give their husbands head. And the 7%? Well, that is because of financial reasons. LOL!

I told him that he should change the subject and that his findings were ridiculous. He insisted that I google the information to see for myself. That he got his data from the 'internet' and that it was definitely accurate.

Well, I thought his 'study' was so hilarious, I shared it with a couple of my co-workers. Well, one of my coworkers over heard and said: "So is that what kind of classroom discussions you allow in your classroom?"

Me: *rolling my eyes* "It was the end of the class"
Her: "That is unacceptable. Anyone can walk in"
Me: "Well, I can't control what they say."
Her: "You can set the tone for what is appropriate and what is not appropriate."
Me: "Bitch, YOU are inappropriate for being all up in my conversation."

Sike. I didn't say that. But I wanted to. I just said something like:
"Yeah I am kinda laid back in class".

Because I am paranoid like that. I see her going to her superior - which is my boss's superior and 'telling on me'. Then I see them having some kind of meeting with me and me rolling my eyes all kinds of ways during the meeting. Then them seeing me for the ornery subordinate that I am. Then them being all passive aggressive with the rest of their dealings with me. Then me being aggressive. Then me quitting (or getting fired).

So, I may as well quit now. Right?


Libby said...

You have a very active imagination. Is it weird that I get it? lol

Tara said...

I didn't know you were teaching now! Is this a private school? Highschoolers?

Valencia said...

No You should not quit!! Its not your problem.

Ayana said...

@Libby. Not weird at all! It seems like we have quite a few things in common ;).

@Tara. Heck no! I am not teaching highschoolers. I am teaching grown men (mostly - there is one female in one of my classes.)

I teach at one of those private 'higher education' institutions that advertise heavily. You have seen them on TV, internet ads, billboards - everywhere...

Ayana said...

@Valencia: Thanx mom ;)

Anonymous said...

I understand that stress and the imaginings that compound the stress...and for that matter the cycle of getting a job and being all excited and then hating it and then quitting or getting fired. But when i realized is was a cycle in my life, it scarred me straight. Are you ok with feeling like a "quitter" or is it something you want to change?
Signed ~Joya (cause I don't know how to sign-in on my old blog name)

Steph said...

Although I understand your feelings, I don't believe you should quit without having another job lined up. You don't want E to stress about the loss of income especially after your last posts. Just tough it out and try to find something else. And plus, eventually when you do decide to go back full time, you don't want to have a resume full of jobs you quit... because then who will you use for references?

Carla said...

I don't think that you should use that as motivation to quit. Teaching is definitely a very stressful and demanding job and not everyone can do that. Hang in there.

Kendra said...

It sounds like you like your job, just not some of the people who manage it and do it with you. Don't be a quitter!