Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Housekeeping Journal

I have been on a roll today!

I got the idea from The Fly Lady, those extreme couponers, and this notebook on Etsy.
I made me a Housekeeping Notebook.

I got this weekly calender here.

I even organized one of my horrendous cabinets.

I need one of those spice step things to organize it better... One step at a time!

How do you stay organized?


Libby said...

Girl, you are really doing it up! I'm impressed and secretly jealous. lol Organization is a work in progress for me, but one thing I do in the kitchen is organize my pantry shelves by food style. Sounds weird, but since I don't have an official pantry, I created labels on the inside doors that say things like "Italian", "Asian-Inspired", etc. All the items on that shelf belong in that cuisine. That way when I want to cook or grocery shop, I know exactly which style is lacking or what I can prepare. My mom thinks it's crazy, but it helps me save money and time.

I also follow this blog: http://abowlfulloflemons.blogspot.com/. Toni is all about being organized. Check out her past posts on weekly cleaning/organizing challenges and her section on organization. Yes, even her blog is very organized. lol

Libby said...

Oh, I answered your healthy hair question on my blog underneath your comment. :-)

Ayana said...

Thanx Libby! I love new blogs to inspire me. I am also a total organizational work in progress. That is why I am noting my progress on here - to keep me motivated. Anyone who knows me - KNOWS that my organizational skills are slim to none.

K. Rock said...

I used to be really organized but with age I have progressively gotten worse. When it comes to housework I am the worst. I know that organization will help my house not be messy. I am in the midst of working on it now.

Valencia said...

I like this idea!!

Deedra said...

What a GREAT idea! A housekeeping journal! I need to learn organization in a BIG way. Not a strong suit. Never thought of doing a journal, though. I think I may have to adapt this idea of yours. A new obsession! Yay! lol