Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Good Hair Shop

So after I got fired on Friday, I was SUPER upset.

In the car, I called a girlfriend and she demanded that I come to The Good Hair shop - where she was getting her locs retwisted. Now, even though that is the same place I go to get my hair washed/twisted/ braided/whatever does not mean it is a place that I go to hang out. Why? Because it is literally on the other side of town. Like 35 miles from my house.

But in my state, being surrounded by a bunch of amazing women was just what I needed.

I am SO glad I went. I stayed for a few hours and moped while the women around me filled the rooms with laughter and love. Before I knew it, I was caught up in the energy and feeling so much better.

I even met an inspiring woman who has two HUGE gardens. She told me that she started her garden to help with food costs. She gave me some tomatoes and gardening tips.

I love that place. I should go there more often...


Carla said...

Sometimes, just being around other people who are willing to listen is the best therapy and best way to cope with a bad situation. I'm glad they provided that silver lining for you.

I've also been thinking about gardening. I can eat fruit and veggies all day and I'm sure it'll definitely help me with the amount of money that I spend on them.

Rochelle said...

I'm so glad that your girlfriend made you go! I bet that she needed to feel your positivity too (even though you were sad).