Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I called Godson yesterday. I am definitely not interested.

First of all, he has a country-gay-accent. It is an accent where he talks kind of soft, whiny, and country at the same time. I don’t know where this accent is acquired, but he is not the first guy that I’ve heard it from. I heard it from this other guy – who happens to have the exact same name – but totally different career and I lost interest because of it. Well, I actually never had any interest, anyway. I think this other guy – let’s call him Godson-twin, is from Alabama. But I don’t know where Godson is from. It doesn’t matter, I guess…

Second of all, he told me he is spoiled. I take this to mean that he is used to getting his way and expects it. It can also mean that he likes (and thinks it’s cool to be proud of liking to be pampered).Why is it that he thinks that this is attractive? I suppose some girls think it is attractive – otherwise why would he mention it as though it were one of his favorable qualities. Well, in my opinion - it is a very unfavorable quality. Why would I be attracted to a guy that is proud of people catering to him? For one thing - this is not very masculine. A real man would want to have things go his way – soley because his way is the ‘right way’ – not because people like him and want to make him happy. Being spoiled is a quality that is (or at least should only be) prevalent in small children – not in grown men. Children do not really know what the right way is – because they are not mature enough to understand, so they just want what they want. But a grown man? He should know (and want) better. Now, if I want to pamper a guy, then fine – but if the guy tells me he is pampered – it seems like he expects it.

Then he asks me what I like in a guy. I really don’t like this question. What is he going to do? Change to fit the description? Fat chance. So what do I like in a guy? There are only 2 qualities that are really important to me. The first quality is that the guy has a fairly good walk with God. If I am going to have someone close to me- they should be trying to follow God as much or more than me. I know that I can slip up by myself – but I am I going to be hanging around someone who isn’t going to help me. Now I know that no one is perfect (including me) – but the effort is very important. The second quality is dependability. If a man cannot stand by his word – I cannot respect him or his words. That goes for me too, I try my best to do what I say that I am going to do – and I expect for the guy to do the same. Now once a guy says he is going to do something (as simple as call me back) – and doesn’t do it; For no apparent reason? I immediately lose interest in him. Those are the only two qualities that are extremely important to me. I am not so hard-nosed about other qualities – as long as the guy is himself (I can tell – as well as the rest of the world if someone is putting on a front), I am happy.

Then when I am done listing all these qualities, he says, “You didn’t ask me what I liked” . Probably because at that point, I wasn’t extremely interested, besides – I think that it is not important that I know. If he likes me, and I like him then that is all that matters, right? But I go ahead and ask, anyway. And he says he likes the girl to be dependable, also then he starts saying that he likes to get manicures and pedicures... Then, not quite understanding what he is talking about, I ask him to repeat himself. He said that he gets a manicure every 2 weeks and a pedicure a few of times a year. Well, he did, say that he is spoiled (i.e. he likes to get pampered), but it still took me by surprise. He then started talking about spending quality time with a girl and getting his nails and feet done with her. Whatever…

Now I have to find a way to break it to the lady at work that I don't like her godson because he is more feminine than me.

Update: Godson is from Alabama!

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Good articles. Your "never give you a straight answer" uncle.

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