Tuesday, August 22, 2006

First Day of School

Oh my gosh. My first class starts in approximately 2 HOURS! I am so nervous. I am probably a little anal when it comes to school – but I think I have reason in this case. I am starting Grad School at Ga Tech in the ECE program – a program that is supposedly really hard to get into – and hard to stay in. It is filled with geeks and nerds that are really competitive. I am so scared! The reason why I was accepted in the first place is probably because of my previous school, Mercer. The wonderful professors at Mercer were great teachers that care about their students. Because I was able to harass them after class with my questions, I was able to really understand the material – and get good grades. I hear that the professors here only care about their research – because that is where they get their funding.

I am also working full time. We will see what happens.

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