Friday, August 11, 2006

Undependable People Drive Me Nuts!!!

So, I have been planning my Spa Party for about a month now. I was so hyped about it, I planned everything to the last detail. I even made a cute little evite to invite all my friends. I called my masseuse to make sure she was available - who by the way gave me a massage only once, but because it sounds so impressive to have your own masseuse, I cannot resist the urge to refer to her as ‘my masseuse’.

Anyway, I also called a Warm Spirits lady, a Mary Kay lady, a Party Lite lady, and a Pure Romance lady. They all were a go - until a few days. My Warm Spirits lady canceled because her feet are swollen because she is pregnant, yada, yada, she got a cold in the last 24 hours - she needs all the rest she can get on the weekends. Okay, maybe I am being insensitive - but she knew she was pregnant a month ago when I planned the freakin’ party.

Also, my masseuse told me a couple of weeks ago that she was bringing a lady to do facials. Well, I updated my evite and told people about the facials they would be able to receive. Well, they signed up - but then guess what?! She canceled also! I found out that she had some family emergency this afternoon. Okay, fine. People can’t help those. But I just hate that I have to call people at the last minute - because I didn’t know until the last minute! That makes me look undependable. But fine.

The worst thing is when the Party Lite lady called me TONITE! The night, mind you, before the party. Her excuse was: because this is her first party, her sponsor advised her that this is not a good *first* party, because she needs to make at least $300 at her first party and book 6 more parties her first 2 weeks. This party, apparently, is not good enough because other vendors are going to be there. Is she kidding me!?! Okaaaaay, she KNEW this was going to be her first party when she freakin’ offered to do it! And then, I could maybe understand if she had another bumpin’ party lined up with . But to just cancel at the LAST minute just because she doesn’t think (not know - THINK) she is going to get enough business. Well, excuuuuse me! She would rather turn down business and take NO money than the possibility of not reaching her moronic $300 goal.

Okay, it is fine to set goals for yourself. Admirable, even. But come on... You expect to sell $300 dollars worth of overpriced candles your FIRST try!? I can understand if she was Pure Romance or Warm Spirits. But Candle Lite? Everyone sells overpriced candles. I mean don’t get it twisted. Candle Lite ain’t no busta’ when it comes to candles - theirs smell really good and they burn cleanly. I got a couple. But it is pretty stupid (in my opinion) to turn down business - for no business.

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