Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Worst Interview EVER.

I had an interview a few weeks ago to work at *the company*.  I did HORRIBLY during the interview.  Let me tell you why.

I was not sure that I even wanted to work there - so it was pretty impossible for me to get pumped up enough to sell myself (and do things that would make it possible to sell myself - like um, preparation).  Also, remembering my interviews from before - ample preparation was not even necessary.  All I did on the initial interview (which was ironically almost exactly a year ago) was complete a lab. My boss told me that he has hired people that seemed competent - but couldn't even put a circuit together.  I know how to put a circuit together.

Another reason I didn't prepare is because that would SERIOUSLY cut into my crafting time.  Having a newborn and a wild boy toddler is enough to keep me busy in itself. I have to carve out ME-time.  And I just couldn't bring myself to use that ME time - for preparing for *the company*.

So, I go in the interview extremely unprepared for a test teach.  Which is exactly what he wants me to do.  I know what you are thinking:  "You just spent the better part of a year teaching this material, what is so hard about teaching it now?".  Well, I'll tell you.

I am more of a teacher than a performer.  I am good at finding out what people don't know - then showing them.  I am not good at teaching material to a group of people who already know the material - which actually wouldn't be teaching.  That would be performing.

Furthermore, the students in the class did NOT appreciate my teaching Or my performance.  My *lesson* was on something they already knew.  They were, understandably, totally ignoring me, making *annoyed faces* and doing other stuff. If this were a *real* class, there are things I could do to encourage them to pay attention.  For one, I could call on them by name (which clearly was impossible as I didn't know their names).  I could go up to them specifically to see what the distraction was and maybe redirect my lesson.  Or if all else failed - their grade would suffer.  Obviously, this was out of the question - as their grade was not affected at all by me.  And most importantly, I didn't even feel comfortable trying to force them to pay attention to me. If I were them, I would totally feel like I was a waste of their time as well.

When I actually started teaching (I tried to stall - but the Chair was onto me and kind rushed me along), my mind went blank.  Seriously.  I didn't even remember the voltage drop of a geranium diode.  Actually, I couldn't even remember which diode was in their tool boxes - silicon or geranium. And I guess this wouldn't be a big deal to you - if you haven't worked on electronic circuits before. So, just take my word for it - it is BASIC information in this field.

So, as I am teaching, fumbling over the most basic of material, I am making comments like, "I am Jacking this up." or "I can't believe I am doing this horribly."  REALLY.  I am ACTUALLY saying these things.  As I am saying them, I regret saying them - which pushes me into MORE nervousness.  So, when the Chair asks me a question, like "Why do silicon and geranium have the voltage drops they have?"  I actually do not understand the question.  I pause for a much too long moment then respond with: "I don't know." - instead of something smooth like: "Let me get back to you on that."  What.The.Heck.Is.Wrong.With.Me.

I am so horrible, a student is actually making the motion of cutting his neck like telling me to "Cut it out".  I look at him dumbfounded (cause I know he is not saying what I think he is saying) and ask him what he means.  He tells me that I can just go ahead and stop now.  OMG.  I can't turn red, but I know I am sweating like a grown man.  I tell him that I can't stop until the Chair tells me to stop. And the Chair says: "No, go ahead. I am enjoying this."  Then I say, "Well, I'm not."  Can you BELIEVE that???  I need to just put a sock in my mouth.

Finally, finally, finally (miraculously) the interview is over as I have gotten to the end of the lesson.

Then, you know what the Chair says?  He says: "I like you, when can you start?".



Rochelle said...

WOW! Ca-razy! Maybe that was a sign that, that isn't for you. Just a thought. I support you in whatever you do ...just sayin'.

Kendra said...

LOL! Maybe he was desperate or saw through your nervousness. Either way, good luck!

Libby said...

You know I'm interested to see how the rest of this story goes.

My last interview, I was unprepared in a sense. Got a phone call and was asked to come to the interview right then. Nothing like lounging around your house with your unpicked afro, and having to jump into interview attire and wrangle that afro into "submission." I don't remember doing or saying anything to make me stand out; I was really trying to "make it" through. But, either everyone else was really bad or they saw something in me that I didn't see in myself. I'm hoping for the latter. Anyhoo, the interview was on a Monday, I signed my contract on Thursday, and started working on Friday.

Like I said, I'm really curious on what you decide. :-)

Rose's Daughter said...

WOw!!!! Lol! Just goes to show you, if it's meant to be, it will be!

Carla said...

I think he was able to see your potential and that you were so determined to show him that you knew what to do, that you froze. Either way, he say through that and saw what you were capable of. Congrats!

Did you take the offer?

Kelleashia said...

lol that was great i was surfing through blogs and came across yours and after reading this blog you have a new follower. Not exactly the worst interview because if its meant to be it will be! Good luck http://kellymonroe.blogspot.com

Christina B. said...

OMG... I think that some employers, don't mind seeing you be human and make mistake and account for them in the interview process, instead of Bs'ing like a perfectly computering robot that has all the answers.