Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Dream Come True...

Guess What!?! I got the job! Not the job I interviewed for in EGO, but a job at the 'Dream Company' I talked about there.

The interview was about week ago. It lasted from 9am to 3pm. Isn't that insane? I had to interview with a series of people - which would take longer than the usual 30-45 min.

The first lady I interviewed with was very impressive. She has one of the highest titles attainable in the company. In order to get this title, you have to do a major research paper and be world-known. She also has 3 daughters that are engineers.

When she asked me what my hobbies were, I thought I was supposed to say something technical (and said as much) but the only thing I could think of that I liked was crocheting. She then surprised me by saying that she liked to do French needlework - and that kind of thing must be technical (because my soon-to-be supervisor is really good at quilting).

Then I interviewed with several of the other supervisors b/c a lot of times they trade employees during certain projects.

The last person that interviewed me was my future supervisor. She asked me a few questions, but talked for most of the time. Then they took me to lunch.

We went to a restaurant located on the top of a hotel that rotated while we ate, for a spectacular view of the city. I was embarrassed for being impressed, seeing as how I am from that city. I should have been to that restaurant before.

Anyway, so at the end of the meal, they were talking about working arrangements, asking me if I could come for the summer. Of course I accepted. I had actually interviewed for Jan because I don't graduate until Dec. But they wanted to 'check me out' before making me permanent. I was happy because I am ready to go back to the city for the summer anyway (this country town that I am living in is a tad boring - besides, practically my whole family is there).

This company forces its employees to be competent. First of all, you have to get/have an advanced degree to work there. Once you get it, you get your first promotion. The second promotion comes after 3 years of working there. The third promotion comes after being well-known and doing massive research.

I really think that the environment of this company would be the best for me because I know that I only do well when I am challenged. Before I my major was engineering - my grades were slightly above average. As soon as I changed my major to engineering, my grades got much better.

Hopefully the same will happen for me at this new company.

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MHJONES said...

Congratulations. And that hotel is (or at least was) the Regency Hyatt. My high school was right behind it and I had to walk past it everyday to get to school.

Are the green beans still soggy?