Monday, January 02, 2012

Top 11 Posts of 2011

Okay so, I am a follower... and I am late.  But I like it when other people do it, sooooo I am gonna do it too!

Here are my most popular posts for 2011 in order of popularity.

The top 2 most popular posts are by far the most popular posts, EVER.  They were actually featured on Crochet Pattern Central!!!   I am super honored to be on that website - which is actually the first crochet site I used (when I learned to use patterns).



Libby said...

These were some great posts! I've been by your blog before, sometime long ago when you had an Etsy shop. Yes, way back when Zekey was a baby, but I never commented. Then one magical day you found me and I'm so glad you did. I really enjoy our blogship. :-)

Ayana said...

Wow! I never knew. I really didn't give my blog much love back then - but I am taking it more seriously now. I think this has been my best year of writing in my blog so far. And I am so glad I found your blog! You put a link to your post on the EAOC facebook page - and I was like, "This girl is crafty just like me. I'm gonna be her blogland friend" lol. And we are!