Friday, November 11, 2011

Clog Slippers Pattern

Yay!  Another *boy* project. Well, actually it is unisex...  I know these would be really cute on girls, too!

A friend commissioned me to make some slippers for her son to wear around the house.  So, I came up with these.  They measure 7 inches in length and about 3 1/2 inches in width.  Obviously, these are much too big for my son, a 2 1/2 year old, with um, big feet. ;)

And they are really fast to make!  I finished a whole pair during an  hour and a half movie.

What you will need:
~ one skein of pumpkin colored yarn, rolled into two balls (or you could just buy two skeins of the same color)
~ a small amount of brown yarn
~ crochet hook - size I/9 5.50MM
~ crochet hook - size G/6 4.25MM
~ 2 buttons
With pumpkin colored yarn, I/9 hook and holding two strands together
Chain 4 (fig 1)
Connect with a slip stitch to form ring (fig 2)
Round 1: Chain 3 - this counts as first dc (fig 3), dc 11 times in ring. slip stitch to the top of the chain three to connect the round (fig 4) - 12 sts
Round 2: Chain 3, dc in same stitch, 2 dc in each dc around, slip stitch to the top of the chain three to connect the round (fig 5) - 24 sts
Round 3-7:, Chain 3, dc in each dc around, slip stitch to the top of the chain three to connect the round(fig 8)- 24 sts

UPDATE: Someone asked me a question about this part, so I did a video to explain this section.

Row 8:  turn, chain 3, dc in next 17 dc, leaving the remaining 7 stitches unworked (fig 7) - 17 stitches
Row 9 - 11: turn, chain 3, dc in next 17 dc (fig 8)
Finish off, leaving a 12 inch tail. (fig 9)
Using the long tail, close up the back with a whip stitch. Weave in tails (fig 10)

With pumpkin colored yarn, I/9 hook and holding two strands together
Chain 18
Row 1: sc in second chain from the hook and each chain across -17 stitches
Row 2-3: chain 1, turn, sc in each sc across - 17 stitches (fig 11)

Sew Strap to shoe, leaving the bottom inch or so un-sewed (see fig 12)

Button Circle
with size G/6 hook, and brown yarn
chain 2 (fig 13)
Row 1: 6 sc in first chain (fig 14)
working in continuous rounds

Row 2: 2 sc in each sc around (fig 15)
slip stitch in next sc, finish off
Sew button circle and button to shoe (fig 17)

Make another one ;)! (fig 18)
UPDATE:  If you are trying to make these slippers smaller, this video explains how:

If you are trying to make these slippers larger, this video explains how:

Will party here.


Libby said...

These are the cutest! I want a pair. :-)

moovet said...

Wonderful tutorial, thanks so much for sharing!

Seelenfein... said...

Love all of your patterns. =) Have shared this tutorial for you cute Clog Slippers at facebook. Hope it´s ok for you???

Lovely greets

Carla said...

I need to learn how to do this. These are simply adorable!

Anonymous said...

Love the little baby booties, and your kids are adorable! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog yesterday :)

Ayana said...

Libby: Make yourself some! Just make them bigger by adding an increasing round to fit the width and adding rows to fit the length.

moovet: you are welcome!

Seelenfein: No problem! Please do share! ;).

Carla: Make some! You can do it, I know you can!

Sunshine Mama: Thank you! I love your work, also!

HeadPatternista said...

Those came out very cute! The pattern is easy to follow too.

Jill said...

Oh my goodess - these are such cute little booties!

Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a great week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Andrea @ Frugally Sustainable said...

Okay...this is awesome! I'm so pinning this! What a great tutorial. This post is so informative and I think my subscribers would really enjoy reading this. I would love for you to come share it at Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways on Frugally Sustainable this Wednesday. And, I really hope that you will put Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways on your list of carnivals to visit and link to each Wednesday!

Andrea @ Frugally Sustainable
Here's the link:

Simply Scaife Family said...

So precious! I love them.

Andrea said...

A million thanks for linking up to Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways:) I'm so happy to "meet" you! I am totally loving your blog and this post! I really hope you make Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways a part of your Wednesdays! And keep the great posts comin'
Very sincerely,
Andrea @ Frugally Sustainable

Nikki@EverythingUndertheMoon said...

I featured your clogs on this week's edition of "You Dazzled" at EUTM! Feel free to stop by and grab an "I Dazzled" button. Thanks for linking up! Hope to see you again this week. Have a Happy Holiday!!!

Shay said...

Hi I am trying this pattern but getting stuck. I have never crocheted with two strands. Do I make a sl st to join round? Where is round 3? Aldo not sure how to dc in same dc after ch 3 for round 2. Thanks for help as I would love to make these. Oo one more thing, to make bigger do I just add more chains and more dc in round at beginning?

Ayana said...

Hey Shay! Thank you so much for your questions! I updated the post to reflect the answers. Silly me, I forgot all about round 3 and the slip stitches at the end of each round! I also did a video for the first few rounds. I hope this answers your questions! Please let me know if they don't. Happy Stitching!

Shay said...

Hi Ayana! Thank you so much for such a quick reply! I can not wait to finish my get home stuff and get started. The video helped me tremendously with the questions that I had.

Ayana said...

You are welcome! Thank you for your thoughtful questions.

When I put stuff out there like that, I am always worried if it is any good... And when it is not, it gives me a similar feeling to walking out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to my shoe.

Anyway, I am trying to say I am very grateful for your questions. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any more!

Amber said...

Where would you add stitches in for an adult pair of these? I want to make them for my sister for Christmas! :D You can email me at! They are soooo cool!

Eli and Abbi said...

I absolutely love these!! Is there an easy way to make them smaller for my son? I don't think a smaller hook would do enough, would it? He's in a size 2 (infant) shoe. Any ideas?

Ayana said...

Thanx! Try using one strand of yarn instead of two.

ruthi said...

I love these! My grandson keeps asking me to make him a do I enlarge them? I'd like to make some for my other grandson's also... you are so kind for sharing your creativity with the world. thank you for your generosity!! May God Bless!!

ruthi said...

I will try this again. I am not sure if I am posting or not..These are great! How do you enlarge pattern? Thank you for sharing your creativity!!

ruthi said...

Ayana..Thank you so much for sharing this info with the world. How do I enlarge this?

Ayana said...

You are very welcome! I plan to do a video soon showing you how to enlarge the pattern! You can either send me your email address [ayanared at - g-mail]. Or subscribe to my blog and/or youtube channel.

loulou said...

I love this crochet clog pattern i
know how to crochet but had no idea on a pattertn thank you for this video msking it so easy to follow you

loulou said...

I want to thank for making this pattern easy to follow I know how to crochet but i did not have a

Jenni Kay said...

Hi I have a question about the secomd part of the shoe body. (the part with 17 st turn) how did ypu get yours to look..whats the word....raised...stripey..anyway mine just looks like the rest of the shoe and i was womdering if when i "turn" ifni am missing something or doing it incorectly. BTW this is a wonderful pattern and I wanted to say thank you for sharing!

Ayana Red said...

Hi Jenni! I think that I didn't turn (when I got to the next round - I just continued in the same direction. I will rework this pattern soon and readjust accordingly ;), until I got to this part (or maybe I turned except on that round)... I am not sure what I did, but that ridge was not intentional ;).

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