Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cloche Pattern

I finished the cloche pattern!   Whoo.  I should probably slow down with my pattern making.  My eyes are starting to cross. And my laundry is piling up....  But I promised.


Here ya go. ;)  Pssst.  For a printable copy click here.

 What you will need:

1 skein worsted weight yarn (~ 250 yards) rolled into two balls in Hat color
a small amount of yarn in flower color (~ 2 yards)
size K/101/2 - 6.5MM crochet hook
size H/8 - 5.00MM crochet hook
yarn needle
needle and thread
Hair Clip (optional)
Glue Gun (optional)

Working the hat in rows and with 2 strands:
With K hook, Chain 27  *Adjust Pattern Note 1*
Row 1: tr in 5th chain from the hook and in next chain, dc in next 17 chains, hdc in next 2, sc in last 2 (23 sts)
Row 2: chain 1, turn, working in back loops, sc in next 2 sc, hdc in next 2 hdc, dc in next 17 dc, tr in next tr, tr in ch 3 space (23 sts)

Row 3: chain 4, turn, working in front loops, tr in next 2 tr, dc in next 17 dc, hdc in next 2 hdc, sc in next 2 sc (23 sts)
Rows 4-26: repeat rows 2-3 **(Adjust Pattern Note 2)**

Close the side of the hat
Place the two ends of the hat together, inside out (the ridges should be on the inside).  Sc up the hat to sew the two edges together.

Close the top of the hat
Treating the sides of the sc (along the top of the hat) like sc stitches, sc2tog around until the hat closes.

with H hook, chain 2
Rnd 1: 6sc in second chain from the hook (6 sts)
Rnd 2: 2 sc in each sc
Rnd 3: (2 sc in next, 1 sc in next) around (18sts)

rosette (make 3)
With H hook, Chain 20
Row 1: 2 dc in third chain from the hook, 3 dc in next 17 chains from the hook (60 stitches). Finish off leaving 12 inch tail.

Roll the flower around so that the chain is in one spiral.  Sew the flower together.

Sew the flowers onto the edge of the base, evenly around.

Attach a clip (or a pin).  Secure with glue.

Clip or pin to hat.

Now post to Facebook and get ready for requests from friends and family!  Enjoy!

Notes on how to make the hat larger/smaller.
1.  Chain a greater or lessor amount to make the height of the hat more or less.  After you complete the first row, you can measure against your head by putting the thinner end at the center of the crown of your head.
2.  Increase or decrease number of rows to make the diameter of the hat more or less (preferable ending with an even row - to make sc UP the hat simpler - without having unnecessary tails)


Libby said...

This is a great pattern. You're on quite a roll lately. Maybe you should create a book of patterns and sell that. :-)

Unique2wh0 said...

Very very cute! I love it and thank you for sharing your pattern.

Unknown said...

I love how that this is a hat that isn't in a round...It has a nice effect! Thank you.

LaShawn Wiltz said...

This is such a CUTE hat! I might actually have to attempt to make this! Notice that I said attempt......

Kendra said...

I need you to teach a class! You are good!

Ayana said...

Libby: Thanx! I would LOVE to make a book of day. I am just *practicing* with you guys until I am good enough.

Unique and Crissy: You are welcome!

Rose's Daughter: Do it! Let me know if you have any questions. I included a lot of pictures for people not comfortable with following patterns. But I will include more if it is needed.

Kendra: I would LOVE to teach a class!

Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife said...

I love this hat!! It is so classic and never goes out of style!! Stopping by from Flamingo Toes linky party.

Here is what I shared this week:

Lara said...

I just found your blog and I lvoe it. I have been getting the urge to re-learn crochet-ing again. I was decent when I was a kid but I don't know the lingo, just copied my Mom's friend and learned basics. I would love a class.


Ayana said...

Thanx Alisha and Lara!

LPink said...

Im making this hat right now. Im having an issue with the two strands..but i am working through it. I think my yarn is to thick.
i really like it :)

Ayana said...

@wicked: If it makes more sense, use only one strand. The only reason I use two is because I wanted a *bulky* look without actually having to use bulky yarn. But if your yarn is already bulky - you don't need to double it. Hope that helps!

DeborahG said...

got back in town, love the hat. I will need your help in making it thou. Do a class, I'll come.

Unknown said...

Beautiful hat and flowers.. thankyou for sharing :))

Dee in NYC said...

I am sooo making this hat. Because it's the most stylish cloche I've seen yet. Homeless in NYC. All I have are my kids, my yarn, and my hooks. Recently acquired a slightly new winter coat- in green. Not too crazy about the color! But I have a beautiful (lionbrand) boucle and a regular worsted weight green that match with the coat, perfectly. Thus, it is definitely going to be my newest and best profile pic on Facebook. Thanks soooo much. Now if you can make some flip-top mittens to match- I'll have the most stylish ensemble. Wink, wink. Lots of hugs from me in NYC. Will email you pics as soon as I'm done.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say how much I love this pattern. I'm especially glad that I found it because I am making it for a friend who has cancer and a larger head than all of the other patterns I found, and I wasn't confident of being able to add to a pattern as fast as I wanted to if I had to do it myself. Thank you so much. I second the person who said you should release a book, as you are much easier to understand than some of the people out there, and your creativity is great. -DM

Unknown said...

Awwwww DM!! Thank you so much! What a wonderful compliment!!!

Lace Angel said...

Just a "heads up" for you. On the "print version" it lists an H hook instead of the "K hook" like here. I wondered about "2 hooks listed" when only one was in use, came back here to read this pattern. Thought you might like to know. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern.

JennyB said...

Hello! I came across this pattern just love it! I am the editor of and would love to feature your tutorial on my site with full credit to you. I know my readers would love it as well, and in return would generate some nice traffic to your site. If you agree and would like us to feature your project, our readers will simply click the link to your blog to get your full tutorial. It's really that simple. Please let me know if this would be ok. I look forward to hearing from you!

Ruth Sandra Sperling of RSS Designs In Fiber said...

Thanks for an easily do-able ribbed Crocheted cloche! I make hats to donate to patients -- and ribbed is better. I did do it single-stand worsted weight with an H hook (for warmer months) - then measured circumference and height - and it came out very nice.

Colleen said...

Love the hat! I am fairly new to crochet and have a question about the turning chain at the tr end. When you chain 4 and turn, and then do 2 tr, do you make the first tr in the bottom of the chain 4 just made? or put the first tr in the tr below, and the next tr in the dc below? Thanks for your help!

Colleen said...

Love the hat! I am fairly new to crochet and have a question about the turning chain at the tr end. When you chain 4 and turn, and then do 2 tr, do you make the first tr in the bottom of the chain 4 just made? or put the first tr in the tr below, and the next tr in the dc below? Thanks for your help!

Knoxville Girl said...

This is perfect! But is there a gauge measurement?