Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I love all things girly... {GIVEAWAY}

As you guys know, I have recently acquired a girl child and have been quite obsessive in making her things, while my boy child has received nothing hand-made by me except a crocheted blanket, and two hats. - Both of which are too small.

And while I try to think of stuff to make him, my mind is constantly being filled with things to make her (Hello, Hair Clip week, anyone?) The only things I have come up with to make him are a Thomas the Train quilt and a crocheted truck...

Not to mention my best friend is pregnant with...wait for it... TWIN BOYS!!! Can you believe that?  How can I continue to be on this handmade boy hiatus?

So, I need your help. What handmade thing do you think a 2 1/2 year old boy needs?

I need lots of ideas.  SOOOO.  I am going to do a GIVEAWAY.
I will give away either a Cloche hat 

 or a $10 Hobby Lobby gift card (for you crafty people who would rather make your own hat!)

1. Leave a comment (with your email address) giving me an idea of what to make for the boy
2. Um, follow my blog (how ELSE are you going to know if you've won!)
3.) Giveaway ends November 1st
And the winner is..... HeadPatternista!

Pssst.  I am not kidding about that Hair Clip week thing.  I am totally going to do it next week!  SUPER excited!  But first - the boy.  *stay focused*


Rochelle said...

Maybe an awesome boyish backpack for him to put all his legos in.

Popz said...

All boys love dinosaurs... like a long neck one fat kinda jaw and stubby legs!

Mom said...

How about a crochet hat, mitten and scarf set. Or a crochet robe.

HeadPatternista said...

Moccasins, mittens, beanie hats, and robot amigurumi...I've done all of the above. Also rugged tweedy scarves for the older "boys" I know.

My email is sweetshopcreations[at]gmail.com

Hope I win!

afrohippi said...

Hmm... I would say make animal themed stuff for the boy. like crocheted hats with ears, or those little baby blankets with a little hood made on it, like a teddy bear hood! ahhh!