Friday, June 17, 2011

I am not Afrocentric...

...well, let me clarify. I LOVE the African infused culture in America. I love my African heritage. My African features. The way the Afrocentric people say "Greetings" and wear scented oils and call me sister or queen or goddess and wear their hair in its natural state and big earrings. And African dancing. I LOVE African dancing and the drums.

I love the colors red, black, and green.

Even the shape of the African continent gives me a happy feeling. I recently ordered these earrings from Etsy:

I do love so many things about Africa.

But those are not the only things I love...

I also love yoga and ice cream and french manicures and my friends (who some of which happen to NOT be black).

I also would be hard pressed to believe that Africa is the center of the universe. Well, I guess it could be - depending on where you are standing... But anywhere you are standing is the center of the universe - your universe, at least.

I came to this realization when I was trying to figure out what direction I want my blog to take. And I was thinking of the word Afrocentric... So, I googled it.

Well, the wikipedia article explained that Afrocentric = Centered on Africa. Duh.

It actually gives a more 'academic' definition. Which is to say that Afro-centricity refers to how Africans are viewed in history. Although, I do believe that Africans have NOT been given the credit they deserve, I still don't think that I want to view history solely from the perspective of an African.

Does that make sense? Do you consider yourself Afrocentric?

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Libby said...

Oh, I've just met another version of myself! lol I think I used to refer to myself as "afrocentric" at some point - maybe in college - for all those reasons you pointed out. But I think I'm too diverse to qualify as being "afrocentric". lol

Thanks for stopping by my blog.