Thursday, June 16, 2011

Craft room solution part 2...

E and his brother moved the furniture over late last night. They were not too happy about doing it either. They didn't say anything - besides asking me the same question over and over: "So, why are we moving the dining room over here?" - and giving me sideways glances. I think that china cabinet weights a ton. And they had to take the table apart to move it. Here are the intermediate results.

I think that this will work out well. It doesn't look quite right yet. But that is because I need to move the bookshelves over to the living room so that the bigness of the dining room will match the bigness of the living room. And put up curtains.

Here is the new craft room/learning center. I think I should come up with another name.

This room needs the most work. I have realized that I am NOT going to be able to have the size craft room that I am used to. So, I am going to put most of my craft supplies upstairs in my closet and leave only the supplies I am currently obsessing over downstairs.

1.) I need to do something about the light fixture. It is not my style, anyway. I would have rather had a tiffany lamp light fixture over my table. Now I need a ceiling fan in here.

2.) I need a big rug for the center of the floor.

3.) I still need to find a solution for my craft supplies (the ones that will be down here).

4.) and curtains! I need some curtains that will match my kitchen - and be fun for the kids.

That is all I can think of.

What do you think, so far?

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Steph said...

I think it looks good!