Thursday, April 18, 2013

A rant.

It's been a long time since I've ranted on here - even longer since I have talked about religion.  But something has been on my mind lately and I neeeed to get it off my chest.  

I have been avoiding talking about controversial subjects on the blog, lately - in the interest of not offending anyone.    Another reason I avoid it is because, I have realized that it is really no one's business what I believe...  I want to be judged not on my political beliefs or my religious leanings. Honestly - those things change regularly! And even if I change one or the other, it doesn't change WHO I am, and consequently how I should be perceived.

But this issue is not one of them.  I would love to be judged on this.  As a matter of fact, if you have a problem with anything that I am saying... please feel free to leave my life and/or challenge me on it because I MIGHT just do the same to you. 

I am super fired up, yall.

So, as many of you know, I was heavily indoctrinated with organized religion raised in the church.  My family has/had strong religious views that I thoroughly absorbed.  I went to church every Sunday, I read my bible almost everyday, I didn't use profanity (still don't - only because I would sound ridiculous doing so, now...), I even (gasp) waited till I was married to have sex.  Now, I usually do not offer that last bit of information out because it may be slightly misleading.  I may not have went *all the way*, but I was NO angel.  Mkay?

When I went to college (after my wild freshman year - in which I basically broke all of my personal rules mentioned above - except the sex thing), I got serious about my religion.  I read the bible like a text book.  I collected supporting texts - like a bible dictionary and other reference books.  I got to a point where I could go toe-to-toe with guys who went to theology school.  So, when a co-worker approached me about tithing (assuming that I didn't agree with the way it is normally taught in today's churches - because I didn't KNOW any better) - I laughed in her face and showed her how wrong she was.  

My uncle and I used to be pretty close and constantly talked about how lost people were - who didn't believe what we believed (which was Calvinist - also considered Reformed).  Some other Christians weren't even considered actual Christians to us.  

But even when I was so hard core, I did not understand why same sex marriages were illegal.  The laws obviously aren't meant to prevent sin.  I mean, who WOULDN'T be opposed to a law that prevented people from *thinking* of doing the wrong thing, or having sex before they were married, or  marrying a non-Christian, or um, BEING a non-Christian.  (All these things are sins, according Christian belief, by the way).

So, when I see that people are opposed to recognizing same-sex marriage, because *they don't agree with the lifestyle* - it REALLY annoys me.    This comes down to a human-rights issue.  EVEN IF you believe that same-sex relationships are sinful, there is no logical reason why you should single out *those* sinners.  The only thing you are doing is preventing them from receiving basic rights that opposite sex unions receive.  Which is NOT fair.

So, sorry if I offended you.  Actually, no.  I am not sorry.  If this post made you angry.  GOOD.  Because I am angry - and so SICK of self-righteous Christians using *I don't agree with the lifestyle* as a reason for not recognizing same-sex marriages.  It's asinine. It's unfair.  And it is preposterous for you to think otherwise.

That is all.


Rochelle Sodipo Washington said...

Great post!

Kim said...

Bravo! I completely agree.

the little travelers said...

Well, u r surely going to hell for that! Meetcha there! We,ll have loads of fun with all of us equal rights sinners! Paleeezzzz... Just had my famin town for Easter and they r sooooo absurd with their sinner comments. Sooo not what JC would be into! Justifying hatred thru religion is trly the dumbest thing ever!!

Rose's Daughter said...


Rose's Daughter said...


ImaQween said...

Right, and I always ask if you march against gays and abortion, why not fornication, theft and other supposed sins. And remember lying, the bible actually says "God HATES a liar" Ijs though, that's all.