Monday, February 06, 2012

Making Bread.

Did you know I have a bread machine?  It was given to me by my cousin about 2 years ago (it was given to her by a co-worker - probably a year before that).   No one had ever used it.  It was literally brand new up until a few days ago.

Apparently all three of us were intimidated by bread making.  And the hugeness of the machine seemed to confirm my fears.

Well,  my recent bread making experience has demystified the process.  Even though the bread was not very good, I kinda feel like I can follow any bread recipe,now.

I did some googling research and found out that what my bread needed was some more gluten.  That is what makes bread soft and stretchy.  And what kind of flour has a bunch of gluten?  Why bread flour of course!

So I buy some bread flour.  And guess what it has.  A bread machine recipe!  And let me tell you.  It is so easy and GOOD!  I am making bread like every other day.  And it is so freaking easy with the bread machine.

And this is unfortunate because, really, the last thing my gut needs is all this bread.

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Keiristin said...

Hi Ayana! The bread looks good. I have a bread machine, and I bake bread a few times a week. You are correct, the bread machine makes baking bread really easy. Let me know if you need bread recipes!

Rose's Daughter said...

I have a bread making machine too that has never been used. I have baked bread though, in the oven. It was gluten free bread for Pookah. And actually it was good. Especially warm with butter. I have to try it again. Yours looks great!

Libby said...

A long time ago, my mom and I went in together and bought a bread machine. It stayed in the box for years and I finally took it out. I used it once but apparently even though I thought I followed the directions as written, my bread didn't rise like it should have. Maybe something wet touched something dry. Maybe my new yeast wasn't so new. But I'm willing to try it again. Your bread looks mighty yummy!

Ayana said...

Um, YES Keiristin! I want some recipes. I will hit you up on facebook...

Hey Rose's Daughter: I actually made the dough in the bread maker and baked it in the oven... I would love to taste some gluten - free bread. I need to get the recipe from you...

Libby: Yay! Yes, try again! ;)