Thursday, February 09, 2012

Clutch Tutorial

 I made a clutch the other day for one of my favorite youtubers.  Her hair is AMAZING and she is super hilarious.

Anyway, I loved the clutch so much - I kinda didn't want to send it off!  So, I made another one.  And other people started asking how much I would charge to make them one...  But you guys know how I feel about that...

So, I just made a tutorial on how it is made.  This one is smaller - so it only needs one button.  But you can probably figure out how to make a larger size!

You're welcome (-:

Pssst.  I am linking this tute up to Frugally Sustainable.:


Libby said...

First off, this is a really cute clutch design. Second, this is a great tutorial! Love the textured outer fabric and the contrast with the lining. Such style. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Adis said...

This is just too darn cute!!! You have such a great talent for crafts..