Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Why I don't sell on Etsy.

So, I am totally obsessed with making stuff. Seriously, just the name Hobby Lobby makes my skin tingle. I walk in there and am pulled in and paralyzed, really by all the things I could make with all the things I could buy. Then I finally actually pick out something (sometimes even with a 40% off coupon!). And I am so super happy about buying it - whatever it is. The only regrets I have are what I DIDN'T buy.

Then I rush home and either put it on the shelf to add to my stash or immediately figure out something to make with it.

I spend so many happy hours working on something, taking it apart, changing it until it is something that I am happy with (sometimes it never works out). But I definately enjoy the process.

I want to spend every free moment either making something or figuring out what to make. Obviously, a career in making stuff is very appealing. I think about opening my etsy shop back up almost everyday.

Unfortunately, the drawbacks make it almost ridiculous to do so.

1.) I am NOT a hustler. I hate to sell stuff. Well, I like making stuff - and I like getting money for it. But I hate to market my stuff. I hate to price stuff. I hate to ask people for money to buy the stuff. It is just an overall un happy experience for me.

2.) Probably the most important reason: it is just not profitable. If I WERE to price something - lets say that bag that I made the other day. I used probably about 2 yards of upholstery fabric - which runs about $15-$20/yard plus the time it took to make - about 4 hours. Then I would have to figure in time to take pictures, write descriptions, and list it on Etsy. Plus the fees that Etsy charges. If I paid myself $5/hour and just ate the listing time and Etsy Fees - (and I was able to get past my hustler phobia) I would have to charge AT LEAST $50.

Now, be honest. Would You Pay $50 for that bag? I wouldn't.

Also, I wouldn't work for $5/hour. Would you?


Rochelle said...

My sentiments exactly. Sigh on Etsy.

Libby said...

I understand, but I'm also hoping that one day I'll be able to market to people who appreciate handmade with the handmade price tag. Until then, I'm scuffling by on below minimum wage. lol

Jamellia said...

I have a problem as well too! I cannot sell anything lol well I can if I had a worldly heart. I love to make things and give them away or a gift in return. The smile on ppls faces are priceless......Jah Bless