Monday, August 01, 2011

It's Almost Fall Tote.

Okay, maybe it should be called my Wishful Thinking Tote. We won't see cool weather here for another 2 months or so.

When I sat down to *make something*, this tote is NOT what I had in mind. I had actually planned on making another Afro Lady Tote. And I wanted the inner lining to be a red African Print. But, it just wasn't *feeling* right, you know?

So I revamped the whole thing and came up with this.

What do you think?


Mom said...

I like it. Give it to me!!

Libby said...

You work fast! I love this tote. :-)

Carla said...

You should make these and sell them. This tote is so cute!

Ayana said...

@ Mom: okay :).

@ Libby: Thank you! However this was NOT a quick tote. I started working on it at about 11am and didn't get finished until after 3.

@Carla: Thank you! I have considered having an Etsy shop like a gazillion times (And I have one, actually - it is just empty.) While i love the idea of it, unfortunately it is not profitable.