Sunday, July 31, 2011


.... despite my huge attitude problem due to several reasons like, I am SO hot all the time. It is like freaking 109 degrees outside. And I practically live in a jungle so every time I walk to my car I get at least 2 mosquito bites. And because I feel like a blimp and I can fit in NONE of my clothes - except maybe 2 dresses and I know they are tired of seeing me in that at work. And because I have practically no food in the house and I do not feel like going grocery shopping. And because my house is a super hot mess and I don't have the energy to clean it up (well enough)...

I have been making stuff!

I finally finished the crocheted blanket for Anaya.

It needs to be blocked, I know. Don't judge me. I like these colors.

An oversized cloth doll.

Her eyes are hand embroidered on - which took FOREVER. But was very relaxing. Her head falls back when she isn't leaning against something. But Zekey loves her.

I guess I should have stuffed her more. This was my first cloth doll baby. The next one, hopefully, will be much better.

I also made this tote, which is my favorite bag at the moment.
I used this funky quilted shiny fabric for the outside. And a super heavy duty upholstery fabric for the inside.

I have all this weird fabric that I am trying to destash so I put this together. I wasn't sure if the colors/textures were going to work. But I like the way it turned out. I also made an inside pocket out of black eyelet.

And I stitched on this Afro lady with the big hoop earring. My aunt who passed away about 2 years ago had this purse that she always wore. Her sisters could not bring themselves to throw it away (even though it was pretty frayed). So we salvaged the wooden circles that held straps on and they challenged me to make something out of them.

Tonight, even though it is late, I am going to try to make another tote out of my weird fabric. And maybe put another silhouette on it. I think I want her to have crazy locs...

Or maybe I will just clean up the kitchen and go to bed.


Libby said...

Hang in there!

All your projects look lovely. I had a cloth doll as a kid too. It was an "Adoption Doll" - maybe because "Cabbage Patch Kid" was already adopted. Well, I loved here. I really do love your tote.

Tori said...

Very nice! I love the doll and your bag! I so want to learn how to embroider!

Ayana said...

Thank you so much guys!

Tori, embroidering is so super easy (well, what I did, was). I just used the back stitch and running stitch. I would love to learn the other stitches, too.

Libby said...

Ayana, the image was of piles of yarn scraps preparing for future projects.

K. Rock said...

You have done some really nice projects. I love that bag.

Ayana said...

Thanks K.Rock!