Thursday, August 04, 2011

I am Judgemental.

I am in a sour mood. Just annoyed. And I made a list of things that annoy me. This list will sound pretty judgmental. Probably because it is. I should be more compassionate. I know, I know, don't judge me.

1.) BET Awards, MTV Awards, Essence Awards, really any award show where famous people get up and reward each other and the "commoners" watch with awe and discuss what they wore. Booooooriiiiiing.

2.) (Generally) Women who call themselves divas. And BTW, a diva is NOT a female version of a hustler. Thanks Beyonce for confusing the ignorant masses.

3.) Housewives of (Atlanta, Orange County, whatever)

4.) Shopping (for anything non-craft related) and people who list shopping as a hobby. Maybe if I was super rich and had nothing else to do with my money than impress you, I wouldn't be so judgmental.

5.) Malls because they are filled with overpriced, cheap, mass-produced items and the aforementioned people.

6.) Hair weaves/wigs/perms. EVERYBODY knows you are wearing a weave/wig no matter how much you think it looks real. It looks gross.

7.) Acrylic nails.

8.) Microwaved food.

9.) FWDed emails.

10.) Chit-Chat


12.) Walmart

13.) People who talk about stuff without knowing what they are talking about then getting mad with I challenge them. Um, excuse me - I am NOT your yes man. If you want me to agree with you - then do some research.

14.) Gospel Music. <- I know, you think I am going to hell for that one. But whenever I hear gospel music - it reminds me of all my horrible experiences I've had at church.

15.) Brainless people - women, especially. Can you think of anything on your own?!

16.) And last but not least, judgmental people. So, yeah - I am pretty much hating myself for this post...


Deedra said...

Oh my goodness. I can relate to pretty much ALL of that. You and I would get along REALLY well. Glad you're a free-thinker. The world needs more of 'em!

NaturallyK said...

ROFLMAO! I agree with sooo many of these. I love gospel music though! LOL

Steph said...

I laughed while reading this. I enjoy (bargain) shopping in malls or online, watching RHOA, my relaxed hair (after having had a natural for a few years), some gospel music, and the back to school sales and baby clearance clothes at Walmart. But none of this makes you judgemental! It's just stuff you don't care for. I do HATE smacking though!!!

Rochelle said...

Giiiiiiiiiiirl! That was great! I'm sharing this! Except, I'm a diva and proud of it! LOL!

Libby said...

So is your due date anywhere in the near future? LOL

You gave me a good laugh. So it's not just me and Walmart. Be sure to check out AfroMartha's thoughts on Walmart: There are 4 parts. This link is only the first part. I think you might enjoy it. :-)

Ayana said...

Deedra: ;)!

NaturallyK: Most people I know (and like) do - and they play it where I can hear it. And it drives me nuts. :/.

Steph: Even when I go bargain shopping - I get stressed out. Should I buy this? Will I like it later? What ELSE could I buy with this money? It is a super stressful experience. Oh, and thanx for not judging me ;).

Rochelle: I love you! That is why I was said "Generally women" Although, I do generally like men who consider themselves divas. I know, I have a double standard as well.

Libby: I AM almost due. My mom says that I am so annoyed all the time because of it. I am due Sept 2nd. I am officially in my ninth month.

Rose's Daughter said...

Lol! Well, I do love a sale, and I feel like I'm going to he'll for saying that I hate "new" gospel music! Same cliches always used and rap does not belong.

Becca said...

I don't think you alone... :)