Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I love about Cleveland...

For the record, I kinda hate the city of Cleveland.  It is so dreary and cold and the economy is in horrible condition so there is way too much crime for its relatively small population.

But, I am currently visiting my mom up here, and let me tell you I am having an amazing time.  Seriously.  Let me list the ways, cause you know, I love lists.  ;).
  1. Coffee with my mom.  Which always includes us tasting the way the other sweetens her coffee and insisting that our own coffee tastes much better.
  2. Being at "home" here.  If you didn't know, I have a small case of agoraphobia.  So, I kinda hate leaving my house.  Fortunately, being here is just like being at my house -because my mom and I keep house the same way.  For example, we use the exact same pots and pans.  We buy the same brands of food.  We both put our feet up on the *nice* coffee table.  We take off our shoes AT the door (where people are liable to trip over them).  We both laugh WAY too hard... and long.  We have a high tolerance for junk until it gets too bad and then we are in a whirlwind cleaning everything up.  I could go on...
  3. Eating at my mom's.  My mom is an EXCELLENT cook and she cooks allll the time.  And on the rare occasion that she doesn't have time, she has the ingredients for me to cook a meal Exactly like I would at home. (see #2).
  4. Not doing chores.  My mom cleans the kitchen (even when I am the one cooking)
  5. Changing very few diapers. My mom changes mostly all the diapers.
  6. My sister and me after thrifting.
  7. Hanging with my sister.  My sister lives here (who is not my mom's daughter, but my dad's so it is a total coincidence that my mom lives in the same city as my sister - who is technically my half sister).  And we went THRIFTING today!!!!  Which brings me to the last thing I am loving about Cleveland that is actually about the city and not the fact that it houses the people I love.
  8. THRIFTING IN CLEVELAND!!!!  I love Cleveland thrift stores.  Let me tell you.  I am probably never going to enjoy thrifting in Atlanta again...  because Cleveland has so much better (cheaper) stuff.  Seriously.  I am going to do a haul video tomorrow for my vlog.  But let me just show you a picture of their dish aisle...


I doubt that I will ever want to move here, but I will definitely make an effort to visit more often...

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Libby said...

Ahhh, fun times. It makes the long trip worth it. And to think, if you didn't drive out there, you wouldn't be able to bring all these goodies back. So glad you're enjoying your stay. :-)