Monday, January 09, 2012

Goals for the New Year

Honestly, I kinda feel overwhelmed about this new year.  Maybe it is my hormones (aren't I always complaining about them?), but I cannot seem to get myself together to figure out what goals I want to set.  I am tempted to not set any at all - and continue to just coast by as I have been doing...

However, I know I will be MUCH more productive if I actually set some goals.  And I will be even MORE productive if I publicly announce them.  I think I am gonna put a link to this post at the top of my blog - so that I will remember to look at it. Here goes...

Crafting Goals
  • Make a quilt out of old raggedy clothes.  That was how quilts were originally made.  And I love the thought of making something wonderful and useful from something (literally) worthless.  How magical is that?
  • Make Zekey something with that Thomas the Train fabric (that I HATE - but he picked out, so I kinda need to do something with it)
  • Sew a cute dress that actually fits me.  My sewing skillz are slim to none.  And I want to rectify that.  I think sewn items are more *elegant* than crocheted...  I do love me some crochet, still (of course!) - I just want to expand my craftiness.
  • Knit something besides a dishcloth. Knitting is another skill that is horribly under-developed.
  • Crochet Anaya a Sweater. 
  • Learn some more crafts
    • Learn how to use my camera in Manual Mode.  I am so lazy, I only use it in Automatic Mode.
    • Learn Tatting.
    • Learn Macrame. I knew it back in grade school - but I have since forgot.  And I think I only knew one or two stitches.  I want to be able to make a purse with it using jute.
Personal Goals

  • be cuter.  This is a three part plan. So I am going to break it up
    • Get fit.  Well, be able to *fit* into most of my pre-pregnancy jeans
    • Wear make-up.  This one is iffy.  E does not like make-up.  Really, I think that he doesn't like the *thought* of me wearing make-up.  I think that he does like the actual effect of make-up.  I swear he shows me more affection when I have it on and he has that "You're so hott" look on his face.  Another reason I don't wear make-up is because then I will have to do too much to remove it from my face.  Do you know how hard it is to wash off make-up?  Too hard. 
    • Get at least 10 really nice outfits. I get pretty embarrassed wearing the same 3 outfits whenever I happen to leave the house. I actually want these to be mostly thrifted and handmade.  I want to make more environment- and social- conscious purchases.
  • be more authentic.  That is the purpose of my vlogs ~ to force myself to be myself in front of thousands (well, let's be more accurate ~20 lol!) people.  
Financial Goals
  • Really, it should be"goal", because I only have one. I want to bring in *some* income, $500/month to be exact.  I think this will really help out my family to have some breathing room instead of things being SO tight.   Do you know that my current laptop is 5 Years old?? - I think that is like 100 in computer years.  And we have NO plans to get me another one :(.   Mainly this will probably be through math tutoring.  I currently charge $35/hour.  So that means about 15 hours/ month I need to book.
Housekeeping Goals
  • I want to make bread for my family enough so that I never have to buy a loaf from the store.  Maybe every week...
  • Learn to make sourdough bread.  When I do this, maybe sourdough bread will be the bread I make every week.
  • Organize hire someone to organize my son's closet.
  • Get that same person to organize my daughter's closet
  • and my closet (in that order)
  • Develop a system for keeping my house clean and keep it (I will mark this one off when I keep the system up for at least 3 months).
Whew, I actually feel so much better getting that down.  But it does seem pretty ambitious.  What do you think? Think I can do it?  We'll see!   Have you set some goals for the new year?  If so, send me a link, I want to KNOW!


Kendra said...

Here are a few blogs that will help you meet your "be cuter" goal. They can help inspire some of your outfits: <This is a close friend. I love her style! <her shoes are off the hook!

I hope these help. Now WORK IT!!!!! ; )

Ayana said...

Thanx girl!!! I am about to check these out. I definitely need to add some style blogs to my reader, this is a good start!

Steph said...

I have many of the same goals! I've been wearing make-up to work consistently for about two weeks. I hate (loathe) takin it off though, but I'm sure I'll keep wearing it because I've gotten many complements on how "pretty" I look with it on. I think your goals will be easy to achieve as long as you set small baby step goals because sometimes being successful in a bunch of goals becomes a daunting task.