Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cleveland Goodwill Haul

Yesterday, I told you about my amazing trip to the thrift.  Well, let me show you what I GOT!

Banana Republic wool sweater: $1

100% Cotton shirt by Apostrophe: $1
Green Glasses: $1 each

Ceramic Cups: 50 cents each

Green Tea Cup and Saucer Set: $1

Books: 50 cents each

Vintage Apron: $1

Vintage Saucers: $1 each


Antique saucer and cup: $3!!!!!

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS????  Cleveland thrifting is AMAZING.   Doesn't this make you want to move to Cleveland?  No?  Okay well maybe just visit (pretty often)!  I know that is what I'm gonna do.

P.S. I totally have on my girdle on the above pictures.  Hot, huh?  Love that thing!


K. Rock said...

Luuub that sweater in the first pic. Enjoy your out of town thrifting!

Beth said...

You look great!

Rochelle said...

Awesome sauce.

Libby said...

Great finds! I do love that sweater.

Anonymous said...


I've been watching your vlogs for a while now (initially found you by searching for a crochet tutorial - which, you should do more of by the way!). You mentioned you have a life coach - good for you! Watching your videos, I've often thought you could benefit from a therapist (I don't think your crazy or anything; you just seem lost.) to help you work out the gray areas of confusion in your life. Here is another person you might want to check out - haven't used her personally, but have seen several of her videos and writings online.

Take good care!

Ayana said...

thanx guys! See why I am so super addicted to thrifting???

Hi Anonymous poster! I will do more crochet tutorial videos soon, definitely! I have some plans in the works, now. Hopefully I will have one up this week.
Ha! And you are right. I think that therapy is awesome (for everyone!). But, YouTube is much cheaper. ;). Thank you for the link. I will definitely check her out.

Rose's Daughter said...

I love love love the china and the ceramic cups. I really need to get into thrifting. I shop a lot anyway, might as well get a bargain??

Anonymous said...

Terrific! Looking forward to your crochet tutorials. FYI, Akua is facilitating an online coaching/workshop. Look here Best part is, you only pay what you decide its worth.

Sandy (previously anonymous :-)