Saturday, December 03, 2011

Thrifting for Vintage

So remember when I said I am always at least 3 years behind a trend?

Well, here I go again.  I went thrifting AGAIN today.  Let me show you my finds:  This time I found some vintage items.

Vintage frame: $2.50!

Globe: $6!!

 Canister: $5

Vintage Pot: $2.50!!!!

Banana Republic shirt: $7!

How can I stop?  How.Can.I.Stop????
And here is me vlogging about it (and other random stuff):


Libby said...

Here's the funny thing. I was reading this post in my google reader so I was scrolling through your vintage finds when your hubby's face appeared. I'm such a dork because I was like, "he's not thrifted"! Then I realized it was the shirt. duh. You had some great finds.

My mom has the vintage canisters like yours. We have a lot of antique shops around here and periodically she'll find another piece to her collection. I think she got some of them when she got married in '69.

FYI: You are addicted.

Anonymous said...

Great Job on the thrifting Ayana. You are so funny. I watch you early in the mornings. It helps me get through the nights when I can't sleep. Keep up the good work.


Ayana said...

Ooooh! Libby! I would love to go antiquing with your moms... Ahhh, another reason why we should live closer!

Hey Shay! :) I am glad you like it!