Monday, December 05, 2011

Maybe I am a Horder

Last year around this time, I was on a painting kick.  I was not into crocheting at all.  Also, I had gathered all types of random craft supplies. My craft space was shrinking while my supplies grew. In a rush of "inspiration", I gave all of my yarn away to my mom and most of my crafting supplies to Charity.

And I regret it. 

Really.  I used to never have to go to the craft store.  I would just go because they were having a sale or I had a coupon.  If I wanted to make something, I knew there was something in my stash I could make it with.  And sometimes I would have something, that I never thought I would use - but in a burst of inspiration, I would think of the PERFECT thing.  Like when I made the Fall Tote.  That is one of my favorite projects, ever and  I never thought I would use that fabric.  I  am so glad I kept it.

But now that I have gotten rid of the "useless" fabric, I can't use it anymore. :(

I mourned for my stuff.  ESPECIALLY my yarn.

So imagine my joy, when my mom GAVE ME BACK the yarn!!!!!  She hadn't ever used it, but didn't want to see it get thrown out - so she just kept it for me!  And I just got it back!

So, the moral of the story is DON'T get rid of your stuff (that you love)!  Instead put it in the attic or something...


Libby said...

Too funny! I've never actually destashed by giving it away, but I have thought about it. I read lots of blogs and some people purge like crazy. What I opted to do was continue to repackage it to where it was sort of neatly out of sight and then I put myself on a diet. A fabric diet first - like I could not buy any more. Period. Then I put myself on a 6-month yarn diet. Actually, that helped me a lot because I only bought to finish out a project or for a custom order. It took away that, "oh, this is pretty let me buy that" disease. Plus it also helped that the nearest craft store besides Michael's is 65 miles away. But what did I start doing next? Thrifting! Yes, then I had to cut back when my space started looking like a thrift store. lol

So my lesson learned was this: Everything in moderation. :-)

Crissy said...

It's difficult to throw things away when you know there MIGHT a possibility that it may be needed in the future. <- Definitely sounds like a hoarder!

Beth said...

I've purchased a lot of supplies on a whim just because I was in the store and needed to buy something. Those purchases plague me. I see them sitting in my closet and I don't love them and will never choose to use them. When I'm going through I think about just giving them away to get them out of my closet, but I never can pull the trigger. I'm trying to operate more like Libby and go on diets to force myself to be creative with what I already have. It's tough because unlike her, I can practically walk to Michael's and Hobby Lobby and Joann's isn't too far either. With yarn, I'm finally getting the point where when I see something I want to make, I have an excellent chance of finding the yarn in my stash. It's a good feeling and one that can only be attained by a little bit of hoarding ;)