Saturday, October 08, 2011

High School Hair cut with Triplicate Trials Tuesday.

So, I am branching out and trying out a new craft. I know you are surprised. Ha!

My crafty friend has a paper craft challenge every other Tuesday called Triplicate Trials Tuesday. I have actually known her since 6th grade! We recently got back in touch and I am so glad we did. It is rare for me to first of all find a *local* crafty friend. - And one that I actually have other stuff in common with.

Okay, here is my submission for the challenge:

It says: I was a high school senior in this picture. You couldn't tell me I wasn't FLY when I cut off my hair!

And, you really couldn't. Notice how I am propped on the couch - thinking "I'm too sexy for this couch". Ha! You couldn't catch me dead in that pose now. *hangs head in embarrassment*.

Anyway, I love this challenge. I love how it encourages me to actually scrapbook - something I have been wanting to do - but not making time for for years. And how it makes me use colors I wouldn't have chosen. It stretches my creativity.

Now, if I could just get her to have the challenges more often...


Debbles Dabbles said...

Welcome to the fun world of's very addictive I am sure you already know. Wow and joining in challenges already....good on you. I certainly didn't have the confidence for a long time to share my work. You have worked well in the challenge colors. Thank you for joining us at Triple T and we hope we can inspire you to create more pages as the weeks go by. Please feel free to check out our own blogs for more inspiration.

Rochelle said...

Your L.O. came out great! Great journaling and great composition. There is flyness abounding on this project! Thanks for playing along with us at Triplicate Trials Tuesday!

Alberta said...

Very fly indeed. Great take on the challenge. Thanks for playing with us at Triplicate Trials Tuesday.

The Scorpian Crafter said...

There is no turning are a scrapbooker! Love all your elments...especially the butterfly! Thanks for joining us at Triple T! Caryn TTT-DT