Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Working working working.

Sooooo, I have been working my tail off at work. Well, I have been working a lot of hours. 48 per week, to be exact. And honestly, I can't complain. It has not been as torturous as I'd imagined. Maybe it is because I may have found my little niche, tutoring these wayward youth. Maybe it is because my work here is so random - tutoring one day, doing some paperwork the next. Or maybe it is because I know I am only going to be working this much until the end of the month. This cycle of the grant ends on August 31st. After that, I don't even know if my position will last.

Not that I am going to get fired. I mean, I hope not. The lady who is "over" the grant under which I am hired does hate me, though. Well, I don't know if she hates me. But she did undergo a "personnel investigation on me" - claiming that I am not qualified for this position - that my background is engineering - not teaching - and that I do not have a teaching certification. Unfortunately for her, I do have a teaching certification (and I did teach for that one semester, but I let them know that during my interview).

Anyway, I know that she is just doing this because of what happened on Friday. I didn't follow her "directive" when she gave it. First of all, her directive was retarded. She "directed" me to send my student away (to wherever I got him) and to report to someone to do some paperwork. If I am a GED instructor, and a child comes to get instructed, doesn't it make sense that I instruct him and not send him away to do someone else's paperwork? But this is not the reason I ignored her instructions. I ignored them because she is not my direct supervisor. Furthermore, my direct supervisor instructed me to tutor the student.

And I told her as much. Well, my exact words were: "I have been told by several people that you are not my boss." I really was trying to say it in a nice way. I know that those of you who know me probably don't believe me. But, I have gotten much better, really. Anyway, when I said that, she went ballistic. Well, she was on the way to going ballistic and this was the straw, I guess.

She demanded a list of these people. I told her: her (and my) direct supervisor, the guy immediately under our supervisor, H.R., and even HER. She told me a week or so ago - and was complaining about how much power she doesn't have.

Then she threatened to recommend I not be included in the next cycle of the grant - because she "just can't work like this".

So, Monday was her attempt at removing me from my position.

FAIL. Try again next time.

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