Thursday, August 12, 2010

BLEACH-out Booty bag tutorial

So, I know that almost everyone who knows how to sew (or do anything crafty, really) knows how to convert some blue jeans into a blue jean bag by cutting out the crotch and sewing it together. Also called the booty-bag. Back when I learned out to do it, I was so stoked, I collected all types from friends, family, and goodwill.

As you can see, it got to be pretty ridiculous.

I also, got super sick of making those bags. They just all looked kinda dorky to me. Maybe it is my crafty ADD (I HATE to make the exact same thing too many times) or maybe it's because I really didn't have a standard when I was collecting jeans. Because I have actually seen some really cute booty bags - but they probably started out as cute jeans. Anyway, I found this new technique to make them look less dorky.

So, since I was going to create a tutorial on bleaching out the denim bag, I sometimes call it tie-bleaching, I may as well, start from scratch. (i.e. the jeans). Just in case there is one person out there that doesn't know how to do it, yet.

They started out as this:

Well, actually this:

Because I used the legs to make another bag. There is a tutorial for that one, too:

First, turn the jeans inside out and cut the legs off all the way up to the crotch

Then I cut at the crotch in the front and the back to reduce bulking. You can go ahead and sew this back down, or wait till the very end like I do.

Sew across the bottom an turn right side out.

Make the straps. I was pretty low on leg, b/c I used it to make that other bag. So, I had to scrounge some pieces together to form some type of rectangular shape.. But was happy that I was able to use these scraps. Waste not, want not!

Fold the sides in.

Then fold together. And top stitch!

Then, I pinned the straps on positioned the way I wanted. I did NOT cut them, b/c I was scared I wouldn't have enough. I cut at the very end.

Sew the straps in a rectangular pattern to make sure they are strong.

Then, I finished the bag! Well the sewing at least.

See? Dorky.

Now grab a chunk of the bag and put a rubber band around it very tightly. Do this several times in a random pattern all over your bag. Well, it doesn't have to be random if you want your pattern to not be. I love randomness.

Then I prepared to bleach it out. Do this OUTSIDE. I did it in the bathroom several times and I think I was poisoned every time. I couldn't smell anything for 30 minutes. Even when I turned on the fan. So, please take my advice and take it outside. These are your materials.

Bleach, a cup that you will NEVER drink out of, a pitcher of water, and a bucket.

Place your bag (or skirt, or jacket, or jeans) in the bucket.

Make a bleach water mix: 1 part bleach and 4 or 5 parts water. Somtimes I use 1 part bleach and 2 parts water. This is going to depend on how bleached out you want your bag, how much dye is already in your bag, and how patient you are! (Which I am not, so I tend to use a lot more bleach than I need)

Do this several times until your bag is mostly wet. Let let it sit until it bleaches to your satisfaction. I let it sit for about 30 minutes. (this will also depend on the aforementioned factors, patience being one of them!)

The bottom is going to be more bleached than the top because it has been sitting in your mixture all this time. But that is okay. It will contribute to the randomness of the design.

If you want a less randomly bleached bag, you may want to pour the bleach water out before you let your bag sit in it.

Now, very carefully, take your bucket of bleach water and your bag to the washing machine and pour all contents inside. Put your washer on the rinse cycle. Once or twice. Leaving the rubber bands on. Then take the rubber bands off and wash with detergent. You will want to get that icky bleach smell out!

Then dry, cut the strings, including the straps that are too long. And sew up any holes that you see.

And you are DONE! A lot less, dorky, huh?


Anonymous said...

pretty cool

Anonymous said...

I HAVE to go to Goodwill and get some jeans and do this! I love the dark wash look! Man, I love it!

Ayana Red said...

Awww, yay! be sure to send me a picture whenever you do!