Thursday, August 12, 2010

blue jean bag tutorial

So, this transformation was so super simple that I had to make a tutorial. (and I missed the deadline for the tutorial challenge on Craftster- and I was wanting to get my tutorial fix!)

So, Here is the final product:

And here is how it started out:

Okay. So, they were never MY old jeans. My husband wore them back when he thought it was cool to wear jeans 3 sizes too big.


I forgot who gave me this dress, but I had so much hope for it. I love bright colors and I love tie-dye but for whatever reason, this dress looks hideous on me - so hideous that I couldn't bear to put it on - even for this photo. Undecided
And please excuse my son. It was his bedtime, but he was trying to stay up and help me sew.

I had been meaning to turn it into a skirt that would fit right - but I didn't know what to do with the top part. (I hated to waste it!).

So, the first thing that I did was cut a section out of each of the legs. This will serve as the body and the strap of the bag.

Then I cut along a seam in each of the legs. I chose to leave the seam that was most noticeable because I like that look. You might want to cut at the other seam if you don't.

Then I put the two pieces right-sides together and cut out enough for a wide strap.

Then I folded over a seam for the top of the bag and pinned it, and sewed it together.

Then I sewed the strap together (right sides together). I left the ends un-sewed so that I could pull it right side out.

You may want to iron it at this point, so that it would look neater than mine. Roll Eyes

Now, you can start working on the lining. I used the top from the dress mentioned earlier. Because I used the top part, I didn't have to sew the sides together. I just sewed the bottom and the folded top down.

It probably would have been a good idea to use the same colored thread - but I like to cut out as many steps as possible.

Then you just put your lining inside your purse, with the straps where you want them to hang and sew together! Again, you may want to use a color to match the inside for your bobbin thread and a color to match the outside for you main thread.

And that is the bag!

I added a few crocheted flowers to make the bag look less Halloween-y. But next time I will consider adding buttons.

Please let me know if you have any questions! I will be happy to answer any!

Oh, and also, you can use the rest of the jeans (the top part) to make the other kind of blue jean bag. I probably will - then bleach it out. I hate to waste Wink.

I will do that tutorial in my next post.

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