Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So, I decided I wasn't going to be negative....

...after reading a few life coaching tips. I have probably become slightly obsessed with the whole life coaching/life mapping thing. Anyway, I was reading It has some good tips (some are kinda weird, like: How bad friends can make you grow). But it has one article about staying positive all the time. (Not that I dwell on negative thoughts. I just don't think that it is realistic to only think about positive things when there are negative things that need to be analyzed then dealt with.) Anyway, after reading it, I decided I was going to make an effort to be more positive than I have been.

But there is one rant that I want to go ahead and let out. I have absolutely no patience for men who act like females. I really don't even want to say that they act like females - because there are plenty of females (the ones who I hang out with, at least) who are mature, positive, women - who are not afraid to let you know when something bothers them.

So maybe I shouldn't say that these men act like females. I should say that act like high school girls. How's that?

Okay fine. They are petty, and sensitive, and insecure.

These men like to think of themselves as "respected". But I have none for them. I mean I have the 'human respect' that everyone deserves - like the 600 you get automatically on the SAT just for writing your name. This respect is what keeps me from telling them exactly what I think, exactly when I think it.

But I don't have the 'utmost' respect that for some reason they believe they deserve...

An example of one such man is the principle at the high school where I used to work. He was really short (and I am rather tall - so I used to look down on him often). Maybe this is why he hated me - or maybe it is because I didn't become a blithering idiot (like the other teachers) in his presence. "Oh, Dr. Pryor, you are so smart and clever! How did you think of that?" *roll my eyes*.

If he didn't like something that a teacher did (this teacher was usually me), instead of coming to me like a man - he would ignore me in the halls and complain about me during the faculty meetings - without using my name, of course. Everybody would know that he was talking about me - including me. But I would not be able to defend myself because he didn't actually approach me.

This is pretty much the most annoying thing that someone can do to me.

...aside from smacking in my ear when I am hungry!


Andrea said...

Girl, there are people like that everywhere. He does sound like a pretty insecure individual though. From what you describe, his tactic of talking about you but not addressing what his issues were with you to your face.

Maybe he envied your free spirit and your effortless wit. You seem to be the kind of person that people admire and respect right off the bat. I've never met you and just from the way you express yourself, I find you to be someone I would like to know in "real" life.

Ayana said...

Awww! Thanx Andrea. That means a lot to me!

RiceCrispy, I am so glad you are still visiting my blog! How are you doing? I miss reading your hilarious blog. Have you been posting recently? About to check...

The Unlikely Fashionista said...

I went through this exact thing with my last three jobs. Maybe it's the Pisces in us. It was the last straw that made me finally listen to destiny calling and leave corporate america for good. (not that everyone who has problems and doesn't leave isn't listening to destiny...) I've always know I was meant to work for myself. When I got awards, and no write-ups...yet quit with two weeks notice and trained my replacement...yet was still told that "unrehirable" would be placed in my file...I figured it was finally time to take some steps in a new direction. I didn't even have enough energy to sue their behinds even though I was pretty guaranteed to win. I just wanted away!!

RiceCrispy said...

Hey girl! I actually just started another blog but I don't want it to be associated with this one :-P
Email me at rice.crispy@hotmail when you have some time. I'll send it to you.

Love the garden!