Friday, April 16, 2010

Life Coach

Although I am generally a happy person, I have not been happy, recently. For a while, I couldn't understand why. I seem to have everything I ever wanted: a family, a comfortable house, the freedom from a job to take care of them both. This unhappiness - led to more unhappiness. I was thinking: if I am not happy now, I will NEVER be happy. <- This thought led to near depression. I was thinking: If I will never be happy, what is the point?

Of course there are religious and philosophical reasons to this question. Unfortunately, these reasons aren't enough to keep me going day to day without some type of medical assistance So, instead of taking anti-depressants, I attempted to self-reflect...and meditate.

Anyway, on my journey of self reflection (although, I am generally not a believer of such things happening such as this:), the word transition came into my head. Maybe it was " a rhema word from the Lawd", maybe it was "the Universe giving me what I was seeking", maybe it was my sub conscience verbalizing what I already knew. Whatever it was, it was exactly what I was feeling. And it was enough to give me hope.

I was thinking: if I am in a transition period, then it is okay that I am not where I am 'supposed' to be. It is okay that I am not happy.

Of course, like anyone who is in a transition period, I anxiously awaited getting past this period. So I started researching Life Coaches in my area. But all the life coaches I found were either spiritual/religious leaders or career coaches. I am not looking for someone to tell me what they think God wants me to hear and obviously, I am not looking for a career coach.

So, then I started looking up books on life coaching. But before I settled on one to buy - my mom's husband came in the house (I am visiting my mom for a couple of weeks) with a book called Life Mapping. The author is Monika K. Moss. And the book is AMAZING! This book is exactly what I needed. She has great advice - with useful exercises at the end of each chapter. And he said that he has known her for 10 years and may be able to set up a meeting with her for me to meet her while I am here. *Happy Dance*.

Well, if that wasn't "the Universe" or "the LAWD" giving me what I was seeking - I don't know what is....

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