Thursday, January 04, 2007

Day two

So, more than a few of my friends expressed concerns about my new diet. That is because when you guys last saw me and I WAS fine. Okay. I admit I am not really a fat slob. I am exaggerating...a little. But seriously, this diet is to clean you out. Even the skinniest vegetarians do this diet twice a year.

Last night was good and bad. When we got off work I was in a terrible mood. I am very moody when I am hungry. Poor, E. He just wanted to chit-chat about his day and I kept shooting him dirty looks. I did NOT want to hear it. But then we decided to go running. The run took away my urge to eat. I was in a much better mood...for about 2 hours. Then I was really hungry. I decided to just go to bed. I started dreaming about broccoli and rice with seasoning salt. LOL.

I got some of the laxative tea last night, also. It actually tastes pretty good, but it had me up at 3:30am. That definately sux!

When I woke up this morning, I wasn't hungry. I just took my salt water. I wanted to take it at home, but I couldn't wake up in time. So I just took it at work. Sorry co-workers :(.

NOTE: Sorry for posting my daily monotonous happenings (those are the worst blogs to read). But, If I didn't do this, my chances of surviving this fast are pretty slim. Besides, it may encourage others to do it!

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