Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Day one

So last night, according to the fast, I was supposed to take the laxative tea. However, Sevenanda sold out of it. The sales girl said that a lot of people come in looking for that tea and get mad because it is sold out. I guess everyone in Atlanta is doing the diet.

So I didn't take the tea, but I did take before pictures. I am so disappointed in myself. I had a feeling I was getting chunky, but I had no idea I look like a fat slob! (I wear clothes that mask it - LOL).

So this morning, I drank the salt water. Yuck-eee. So gross. I wanted to puke. But I just drank slow and paused when I got the urge to hurl. Finally, I got it all down. The book says that you should have to go to the bathroom (the salt water is a laxative) in about an hour. It only took me 20 minutes. It was worse than diarrhea. Needless to say, I got to work a little late.

I have been drinking the tea this morning and it actually tastes pretty good. I haven't been craving food yet, but when the leftovers run out and I have to cook for E, we will see what happens. But so far, so good!

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