Sunday, September 04, 2005


Ok. So I have been racking my brain trying to think of something to write about for a while. Nothing. But because I don't want my blog to become extinct, I am afraid I am going to have to bore you with what is occupying the majority of my time: School.

I have approximately 3 more months till I am a gradute. It seems so exciting - but I am not really excited. Maybe it is because I am taking way too many hours. I am taking Chemistry (with a lab), Electromagnetics, Computer Architecture, Computer Networks, Senior Design, and a Sociology class called The Family.

My worst class is definately The Family. Although the class is relatively interesting - I find myself not being able to take it seriously. As a matter of fact I consider almost none of the courses in the College of Liberal Arts as 'important'.

I know, I know, what a politically incorrect statement. I consider some of the majors as important - like the science majors and education majors - maybe even the business majors. But Women and Gender Studies, English, Sociology, and Psychology? No. I could not see myself majoring in any of these fields. I think it is because of the lack of objectivity.

Because there is no 'right' or 'wrong', the teacher can very easily grade you on how she thinks of you and not really on how much you know.

That is why I love my major. The teacher can grade you on tests answers - which are either right or wrong - (partial credit can be subjective as well - but it is easier to prove you got gypped).

I don't think my Sociology teacher likes me. Well, I don't really know - but I know she doesn't give me "I like you" vibes. It may be because I don't take notes on her lectures. I don't really see the point. I am also guilty of crocheting in class. It helps me concentrate. Also I yawn a lot during her class. One time, in mid yawn - she asked me what does primary data mean. I responded (with confidence) that it means the most important data. WRONG - it means the data that you actually collected yourself. Oh, well. I think it was a good guess.

My next worst class is Chemistry - which I should have taken a long time ago. So, my class is filled with freshmen who ask the most ridiculous questions. I shouldn't be so impatient (maybe I am in a bad mood). But Friday or Thursday this girl asked if she could leave early b/c she had to fix her contact lens. WHY ask to leave the classroom? Just leave! As long as you don't make up a lot of noise as you leave, I see raising your hand to ask to leave more disruptive. But I guess, she's a freshman, she doesn't know any better.

Yeah, if I try really hard I can remember high school a little. I remember thinking it was a humongous waste of time. I would go weeks, without learning something new - and this was at the 'good' high school I went to - where I was in a magnet program. They did enforce dumb rules like having to get a pass to use the restroom. And making the students do a math problem a specific way - even though there are many ways to solve the problem and get the right answer.

But high school is long gone and this semester will soon be as well.

3 more months.

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