Monday, June 24, 2013

Basket Weaving.

So the LAST thing I need in my life is a new craft.  Seriously.  My craft room is so full of stuff that I need to destash... There is absolutely NO way I have space to start a basket weaving practice.

But let me tell, you, basket weaving is calling to me. I imagine my African ancestors weaving the most magnificent baskets, carrying them on their head,  trading them for supplies, handing them down the generations...  I might not have a choice.

Maybe I can store the supplies in the bathtub... Hmmm.

Okay, here is how it started.   I met this amazing lady at the art store a month or so ago.  We hit it off instantly and she invited me over to her house.  I know.  Weird.  But a good weird!  I went to her house a few weeks ago and we made jewelry with her and her neighbor.

This is some of her altered jewelry.

It was sooo much fun, we decided to do it again.  The neighbor happens to be a basket-making QUEEN.  And since basket weaving has been on my: Want to learn, list - I asked if she could teach me.  Here are some baskets she has made:

And, being the generous person that she is, she taught me!  For FREE!  

I should make more, huh?

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Libby said...

Double WOW!!! Your basket is gorgeous. What a wonderful group of people you've met. Everything happens for a reason. :-)