Wednesday, January 02, 2013

I finished my 365!

Wow, when you come to your blog and see 30 comments waiting, then you KNOW that it's been a while.  Well, 99% of them were spam. But still!

Anyway,  apparently I have forgotten how to write.  So please bear with me during the reading of this post.

 I finished my 365!!!!!  Can you believe it?  I made a video exposing myself, my insecurities, my artful journey, and whatever else was going on in my life for 365 days straight!  It was tiring, stressful, INSANE, but extremely satisfying.  I don't think there is anything (outside of stuff I do for my family) that I have done so consistently.  I mean, I QUIT every single of of my jobs!  Well, except for that one that I got fired from .

Anyway, I clearly love to make videos. I like to force myself to confess my shortcomings, I like to edit -and have gotten pretty fancy with it, if I do say so, myself ;-), but mostly, I love to capture the moments with my kids. A lot of times when I am editing, I catch something that I didn't notice before - like Anaya pulling Zekey's hair - which TOTALLY explains why he started *randomly* screaming...  And I get to remember stuff that happened.  Like I watched my very first day in the life video the other day and it was so fun to watch how my kids interacted back then.  I am looking forward to recording them for as long as YouTube will allow me to upload videos - and when I can't - I will probably find some other place to store them.

So, I am actually continuing to make daily videos on another channel: mommywifecrafter.   I am doing mostly day-in-the-life type videos because those are my absolute favorite ones to watch.  Here are some other channels that do them that I watch pretty regularly:
Valerie Brown
It's judy's life

My other channel (ayanared) will mostly be about my creative journey and tutorials.  I separated them because I like stuff that is clean.  And when someone subscribed I would have no idea WHY - and I would wonder if they were looking for more tutorials - or more daily stuff.

So, I actually took down all of my 365 vlogs.  For 2 reasons.  (1) (as mentioned above) To keep my daily/kid/cooking stuff separated from my creative stuff. (2) Because my 365 videos kinda sucked.  Now when I write that - I feel kinda self conscious.  It reminds me of a friend I had in high school who had the worst pizza face I have ever seen.  He was also one of the nicest, funniest guys I have ever met.  So, imagine my dismay when he asked me one day if his face looked like it was breaking out?  I mean what do you say to that?  CLEARLY his face was broken out - but maybe he meant *more* broken out than usual - which would be impossible for me to tell.  So, yeah - maybe the difference in my vlog quality is not so significant to you as it would be to me.

But here is my first vlog:                                                 And here is my latest:


Oh and if you are wondering why you can still see the first vlog (even though I said I took them down - it is because I didn't really take then down - I just unlisted them.  So, they are still accessible with a link, even though they are not seen on my channel or with a search.

Of course I am not deleting them!!!  


Libby said...

It's hard to imagine that it really has been 365 days since you began that project. I remember when you started, but I wasn't into YouTube that much then, but after a while I got hooked and looked forward to each and every vlog. My day-in-the-life may not be as interesting, but now you've inspired me to create a vlog or two. But my real goal, with the proper equipment is to do what I initially intended - tutorials. Stay tuned!

Rose's Daughter said...

WOW! And here I am just trying to do 365 days of photos! Congratulations!

Rochelle Sodipo Washington said...

Congrats on your 365!