Tuesday, January 15, 2013

And ANOTHER outfit post!

I am on a freaking roll...

Actually, this will probably be it for outfit posts for a little while... as I am running out of clothes.  LOL.    Maybe I will go thrifting soon ;).  Because did I tell you I LOVE making outfit of the day videos.

Anyway, I did a little more editing on this one.  I filmed it in two places - because the first time I did it, I had on some knee high black boots.  I did not realize how bad they looked until I saw the video!

 So, when we went out (to my grandma's 80th birthday party <------  That is the link to the vlog with my grandma.) I changed my shoes and had my brother re-record.

I thought I was going to delete the first footage - but I liked myself better.  Probably because my husband was videoing me - and I feel more... I don't know confident, and attractive, or... something with him.  But my brother makes me feel dorky modeling in front of him - because he is way cooler than me.  Here is a video of him free-styling with a homeless guy. (He is the one that goes second)

Anyway, I was mixing up the footage anyway and I liked how it looked.

Okay without further ado.  HERE is the video!  I hope you like it!


Adriann said...

Cute outfit!

die Bia said...

Like your style :)

xoxo, Bia.