Friday, October 05, 2012

I was involved with some drama on YouTube once.

Once upon a time I was involved with an AMAZING group of women ...and a guy ;) on YouTube.  They were very supportive, kind, sharing.  Really, if I was feeling down, I would log onto the facebook group for a lift.  Admittedly,  somethings about the group made me a little uncomfortable.

For one, I was a little uncomfortable with some members' zealousness about their religion.  For example, if anyone was having an issue with someone else (outside of the group)- then it would be blamed on SATAN who must be working with that other person. And occasionally, a video of a pastor preaching would be posted in the facebook group.

Another thing that made me raise my eyebrow was the members' dedication to the "founder".  It was a teensy bit eerie the way they almost worshiped her, giving her credit for stuff she did not create... and complaining about people who disagree (publicly) with her. It could be argued that if it weren't for her, then the amazing group would not exist...  But still, it was kinda crazy.

These things were not enough for me to disassociate myself from the group.  Like I said, they were a great bunch.  I would roll my eyes and complain to E about it.  But overall, it was a fun group...

Until the group changed for the worst.  New rules were enforced that changed the whole dynamic of the group.  It went from kinda weird to extremely weird.

A lot of us quit (of course).  And then the drama began.  Some people wanted to announce it on our channel.  To me, this made sense - if I have been light-weight advertising for the group, mentioning it in a lot of videos, wouldn't it make sense that I tell people who watched those videos that I left the group and why?

Well, this was against the newly-enforced "rules".

So, some of the people who mentioned it were cyber-bullied.  Bullying (cyber or not) is one of my pet-peeves.  Actually, pet-peeve is too light a word.  I abhor bullying.  So, I wrote a pretty harsh blog-post about the whole thing and did a vlog pointing to it.  Of course there was backlash.  I expected it.  But, it DID stop the bullying.

Although, I was warned (by the "founder" of course) that I would lose subscribers,  I actually gained quite a few by doing that (although that was NOT my intention!)...

Anyway, that was the end of my youtube "drama".   It was kinda exciting, but I would not welcome too much of it!

Here is a vlog/rant that I did yesterday:

I know I broke a few of my own rules... I repeated myself, no visuals... But like I said (repeated on here and on the vlog, I am not perfect).  And I was afraid of editing too much.   I would rather under-edit than over edit, you know?

Anyway, that is what I have for today.  Tomorrow, let's talk about what everybody wants to hear about: Making that Money!

See you then!


Adriann said...

I haven't watched your daily vid yet. Your Drama video makes me want to go back and view all of your videos now. Dang! I guess I'm going to have to watch 2 a day until I catch up. lol! I like your hair back then the new stage of natural hair. Love it! ♥

Momo said...

I just read the blog post where you were leaving the group and I was shocked by all the Anonymous commenters hiding who they were, but talking trash like they're all that. I say that you werent being childish or need to "grow up" THEY need to grow up and get a mind of their own. You should def. switch to haveing disqus for your comment box because even when someone is Anonymous, you see their email and IP address. Also it'll sync all your comments you already have into it, so def. get it =)

Ayana Red said...

Hey Adriann! I am glad you liked it! Ha! Unfortunately, most of my videos aren't like that! LOL. I was just pissed that day! But feel free to catch up!!! lol.

Hi Momo! I don't mind people hiding behind the Anonymous name. If they want to feel big and bad by posting anonymously, good for them! Ha! I actually WANTED to hear the opposing view. It seemed so obvious to me that the rules were so crazy... Unfortunately, no one was able to rationally argue the other side!

squidmom said...

That all sounds really intense and would make me very uncomfortable! Glad you left.don't worry about what "anonymous" people say! If you can't say who you are then I'm not going to give much credit to what you say- I know alot of people feel the same way!