Sunday, April 15, 2012

Selling on Etsy!

Remember when I was talking all that trash about not selling on Etsy?

Well, I have changed my mind.  Basically, my two reasons were: (1) I couldn't get customers (2) I would have to charge too much to be profitable.

Well, the answer to #1 has been vlogging.  You would not believe (well, maybe you would - as I wrote about it in my last post) how much easier it is to get an audience via YouTube compared to blogging... At least that has been the case for me.

I have people literally contacting ME to put stuff in my shop.  Well, who am I to deny them?

Furthermore, the answer to #1 is really a non-issue.  Just because I can't afford to buy my stuff does not mean I shouldn't sell it.  Actually, it was kinda silly of me to think so...

Sooooo, I am opening up my shop.  Actually it IS open.

Go buy something ;).

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K. Rock said...

Congrats on the shop!