Saturday, February 18, 2012

White Quilt

I usually like to surprise my friends with gifts.  So, they typically do not get to give me any input on what I make them.  I base their gift on their style, their taste, and what I have made that they have complimented.

Well, one of my friends is a lot more picky than most.  I was kinda scared to make something that *think* that she would want.  So I asked her.  She said she wanted (among other things) a wok, and some original art from some local artist. 

At first I was like: Yes! I can paint something for her.  I haven't painted on canvas for a minute, and I am kinda in the mood for that.  But then I remembered (again) that this friend is picky.  When she said "artist", she probably didn't mean "crafter who pretends that she is an artist".

So, I decided to make her a quilt.  I asked her what colors she wanted it, and she said WHITE...  I was like: "Really, no piecing?  Just some quilted white fabric?"  She said, "Yes, I was on my way to Target to get a white throw to put at the foot of my bed - so that would be perfect".

Okayyyy.  White it will be then.


Although this took absolutely NO creativity, I do like how it turned out.  Especially since I doubled the cotton batting this time (cotton batting is soooo thin).  I am pretty sure that I am going to double the cotton batting on all my quilts from now on  - even though the cost of making them will now skyrocket!


Rose's Daughter said...

I love it! I want a quilt. My grandmother used to make them. But I don't have one crafty/ sewing bone in my body!

Libby said...

This is a beautiful quilt; your friend will love it!

Ayana Red said...