Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Red Hearts are for girls

At the last minute, I finally figured out what to make Zekey's little classmates for Valentine's Day.  We got an email requesting that each child hand-make a valentine for each kid in the class a few weeks ago - but I could not figure out what to make.  Then yesterday, BAM, it hit me.  I will crochet some hearts! I had been wanting to make some as I had noticed a lot of my crafty friends making them.  But I had no use for them myself.  I am not really into hearts like that... (well, except for the Sankofa on my neck - but then that is not really a heart).

So, as I was crocheting them,
E says, "So, you are making them for the boys, too?"
Me: "Yes"
E: "Well, I don't think he should be giving other boys red hearts"
Me: "Why"
E: "Because, red hearts are for girls - why don't you make them some V's or something"
Me: "Because hearts are much easier, I am not about to crochet a bunch of V's What about blue hearts?"
E: ....
Me: "Okay, what about blue circles?"
E:  "Yeah, that is better than red hearts"

I know...  They look kinda dumb.  But I think they are cute.  Do you like?

P.S. I am kinda digging writing on my photos.  What do you think?  Cheesy?


Mom said...

Very cute!! I like the writing on the photos. How did you do that?

Rose's Daughter said...

Cute! I wish I had thought to do something for Pookahs classmates!

Kendra said...


Z is in school now?

Gabi said...

THey are cute. You codl say they were "blue violets" as in, "Roses are Red", etc...