Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mark and Stacy

As laundry and dishes continue to pile up, all I can think about are little peg people.

Lilay's sister and brother came for an extended visit, much to Prass's chagrin.

I told Zekey to name them, to which he responded: "YOU name them."  Such a bossy little boy.

E named them, instead.

Mark and Stacy.

I also made a little table.  Here is the whole set of them.

I am going to need to make them a new house.

Maybe I AM having too much fun, as Libby suggested!

Will party here.


Libby said...

It's official. You're having WAAAY too much fun. One day the little people are going to want to go on a trip and will need a vehicle. And maybe a pet.

ImaQween said...

Don't you just love having the motivation to try something new..exciting isn't it. I always say crafting is my drug;)

Rose's Daughter said...

You are waaaaay too creative! And having too much fun!